MAFS Australia fans share same reaction to Josh in last night's episode

Well it's safe to say last night's episode of Married at First Sight Australia on E4 was incredibly tense. Like screaming at the TV levels of tense. The 90 minute episode saw two couples quit the experiment, with difficult discussions for a few of the other couples and plenty of honest feedback from the experts. But there is one moment in particular viewers can't stop talking about and it's all about Josh.

Last night's episode (27th March) was structured around the second commitment ceremony, where couples decide to stay or remain in the experiment.

Josh and wife Melissa had been struggling in the week leading up to the commitment ceremony, calling intimacy week "messy and difficult" for themselves.

mafs viewers share same reaction to josh in commitment ceremony
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The couple had started off strong with their wedding day, but during the honeymoon the couple varied on their views on sharing how intimate they'd been with others.

Their different relationships with intimacy became a recurring problem and by the second commitment ceremony it became clear the two were not getting along.

Melissa began by saying: "I think because we are still talking about sex, it's really awkward.

"Josh is really conservative and I respect that but it suppresses me and I feel like I'm the Alpha in the relationship, I'm the more dominant one and it's just showing."

Josh disagreed and went onto argue the biggest problem in their relationship was control, and he claimed Melissa had used "degrading and dehumanising language" and questioned his manhood.

He said: "I cannot sit here and take this. It is untrue. And I will now speak my truth and talk about something that I actually think is at the heart of the issue. There is a significant issue in this relationship about control."

Josh then went onto claim: "She has used degrading and dehumanising language to me, questioning my manhood. That is the core of the issue right there. And can I say, that if I was a woman saying these things, the group would feel very differently about this."

It was at this moment that Josh appeared to become very upset, began crying and walked out of the room.

Many viewers tweeted their support for Josh on Twitter, saying how sorry they felt for him in that moment and how much they wanted someone to comfort him.

One person said: "Never wanted to give someone a hug as much in my life poor Josh#MAFSAU."

Another simply said: "We love you Josh."

And another shared an image of Josh with the caption: "This man deserves the world."

When Josh returned to the ceremony, Melissa apologised for her behaviour but Josh explained he was done with the experiment and wanted to return to his children.

Melissa had opted to stay, and usually the rules of MAFS are that if one person decides to stay then they both have to stay to see it through for another week and work on their relationship. However, on this occasion the experts offered Josh the choice to leave the series, which he took and the pair ended their relationship.

Following his departure from the series many people tweeted to say he had made the right decision, with one person saying: "I'm so glad they let Josh leave #MAFSAU" and another said: "I’m so glad they allowed Josh to leave and didn’t force him to stay. He was a broken man on that couch. #MAFSAU."

Since the episode has now aired in both the UK and Australia, Josh has issued a statement asking people not to "attack" Melissa, saying: "I ask you as an audience to please be respectful and kind to Melissa.

“There isn't a need to attack her at all. I understand people will want to but that doesn't make me feel any better and it just perpetuates a cycle that we should all reflect on."

Here's hoping both parties are doing ok following their time on the show.

Married at First Sight Australia continues tonight on E4

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