Maeving’s Striking Electric Motorcycles Blend Retro Style With Modern Tech

One wouldn’t be faulted for thinking that the global motorcycle community is concentrated to the long, open roads of the American southwest or the zippy thoroughfares of metropolitan Japan. For decades now, industry behemoths like Harley-Davidson and Honda have long defined what motorcycle culture looks like. But one brand in the Midlands of the UK is changing this narrative—and making for a greener alternative.

Founded by William Stirrup and Seb Inglis-Jones in 2018, Maeving is a British bike manufacturer that is determined to easily integrate all-electric motorcycles into its customers’ lives. By designing compact, battery-powered models, Maeving is looking to be the solution for those looking for an alternative to automobiles, bicycles, and mass transit. And, hey, the sleek vintage-inspired design turns a few heads on the road, too.

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The Maeving RM1 electric motorcycle.
The Maeving RM1, introduced last year.

To understand Maeving, one must first be cognizant of Britain’s long history with the motoring world. At the early part of the 20th Century, the highly influential isle became a hub for some of the most well-known motorcycle manufacturers of the era, including Triumph, Norton, and BSA. This arms race within the industry would eventually settle into Coventry in the Midlands. At the height of production, there were 48 such companies who have, at one point or another, called the central counties of the UK home.

It’s for this very reason that both Stirrup and Inglis-Jones have themselves based operations in Coventry. The decision to be located where it is, instead of in larger urban areas like nearby Birmingham or even London, has become a way for the brand to celebrate the rich heritage of the region, be inspired by its legacy, and recruit exceptional talent.

Riding the Maeving RM1 electric motorcycle.
Powered by a 3 kW motor, the RM1 has an 80-mile range.

The brand’s initial machine, the RM1, has recently spawned a more powerful variant, the RM1S, which is now available for preorder in the UK. As for the bike’s design, it’s easy to see the influence that the industry’s history has played on the aesthetics, including close-fitted mudguards, the retro-styled speedometer, bar-end mirrors, wire wheels, and quilted-leather accents.

In speaking with the team at Maeving, it’s evident that the desire isn’t to be David to Harley-Davidson’s Goliath, but, instead, to complement an urban rider’s existing lifestyle. With a range of up to 80 miles, a 3 kW motor, and a weight of around 240 pounds, the single-battery RM1 may be the better solution for heading into town rather than saddling up on a bulkier, gas-dependent touring bike.

A close-up of the battery and motor on a Maeving electric motorcycle.
The easily removable battery can be placed into its battery dock and plugged into a standard socket.

But it’s not just existing riders who can enjoy Maeving’s bikes. Both versions are specifically designed for new riders who want to avoid the frustration that’s inevitable when commuting by traditional means. With its compact design, top speed of 45 mph, 118 pounds of torque, and 5.9 hp motor, the RM1 is built for traversing a city without worrying about parking spaces, standstill traffic, and train delays.

The new RM1S, scheduled for UK delivery in April of 2024, will have the same range as its sibling, but the top speed has been increased to 65 mph and the bike is fit with a 7 kW motor. Hopping on either after a long day at work seems far more enjoyable than sharing the Tube with 200 strangers.

At the heart of the design is the removable battery technology that Maeving has championed. Rather than expecting customers to rely on the seemingly non-existent charging infrastructure in the UK, Maeving has made it so that a customer can recharge the bike simply by removing the battery, placing it into a battery dock, and charging it the same way they would their laptop or mobile phone using a standard plug socket.

The Maeving RM1S electric motorcycle.
Featuring a top speed of 65 mph, the Maeving RM1S will begin UK deliveries in April of 2024.

The price of the RM1, which is in the neighborhood of $6,000, is on par with that of a high-end e-bike and is a more cost-competitive option than many other similar electric motorcycles on the market. At just over seven feet in length, and with a lightweight design, Maeving’s two rides also offers ample maneuverability and convenience. And equipped with a battery that’s fully charged in less than four hours, the zero-emissions conveyances can be kept plugged in at the office before you’re ready to return home for the day.

Currently, Maeving’s bikes are only available in the UK, but there are plans for expansion into the U.S. market towards the end of next year. Along with the new RM1S, Maeving has promised a growing lineup in due time, while never straying from its goal of building an electric motorcycle that beautifully takes the best from the past on tomorrow’s journeys.

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The Maeving RM1S electric motorcycle.

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