Mady Dewey Shares Meaningful Reflections From the BYU Women’s Empowerment Event

Mady Dewey.<p>Manny Hernadez/Getty Images</p>
Mady Dewey.

Manny Hernadez/Getty Images

Alongside the Big 12, SI Swimsuit had the opportunity to bring its Be You Women’s Empowerment Series, presented by Maybelline, to the campus of Brigham Young University last week.

There, brand stars Mady Dewey and Jasmine Sanders, as well as one of the newly announced 2024 SI Swimsuit rookies, Berkleigh Wright, took part in a “Be Your Best You Panel,” dedicated to discussions of mental health.

Starting and encouraging conversations around mental health and women’s empowerment for the students of BYU was top priority, and we couldn’t have done it without the sage and honest advice of our very own models. On Oct. 24, Dewey took to Instagram to reflect on the experience and what it meant to her.

“Last week, I had the honor of joining @si_swimsuit and @big12conference on the final stop of their college tour at BYU. We talked self-care, social media pressure, and how [to] embrace being multifaceted,” she wrote in the caption of her post.

“Do I have it all figured out? Definitely not,” she continued. “But if there is one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that opening up, sharing your story & being honest even when it’s hard is the first step to self acceptance…not only for yourself, but for others too.”

Dewey declared herself honored to be a part of the experience, and we feel the same way, having heard her honest reflections on mental health and self-care during the event. Read more about the panel here.

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