Madonna Shares Candid Health Update Mid-Concert After ICU Stay

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Madonna may be back on tour, but she confessed that she's still not feeling like herself following the scary health emergency that left her hospitalized in the ICU over the summer.

While performing in Antwerp, Belgium, on Saturday, Oct. 21, the Queen of Pop revealed that she still "doesn't feel very well," as multiple outlets reported.

"Less than four months ago, I was in a hospital and I was unconscious, and people were thinking, predicting that I might not make it. It’s a f------ miracle that I’m here right now," she shared with her thousands of fans in the crowd. "My mother, god bless her, she must be watching over me — she said, 'Girl, it’s not your time to go.'”

"I must tell you, I don’t feel really well right now, but I can’t complain ’cause I’m alive," Madonna, 65, continued, recalling how her mother and namesake, Madonna Louise Ciccone, must have felt during the final days of her battle with breast cancer.

"I had this strange thought. I suddenly had sympathy for my mother, not about the dying part, but how lonely she must have felt being in the hospital, knowing that she wasn’t going to live," she said. "I was given another chance, so I’m very grateful for that."

"Thank god for my children and all of your love and support," she added.

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This latest health update came about a week after Madonna admitted to concertgoers in London that she didn't think she'd survive the bacterial infection that landed her in the hospital this past June.

"I didn't think I was gonna make it," she shared with the crowd during the opening night of her concert series. "Neither did my doctors. That's why I woke up with all of my children sitting around me."

"I forgot five days of my life, or my death, I don't really know where I was. But the angels were protecting me, and my children were there. And my children always save me every time," she said before suggesting that her children were the only reason she made it through.

"If you want to know my secret and you want to know how I pulled through and survived, I thought, I have to be there for my children. I have to survive for them," she concluded.

In early July, Madonna let everyone know she was "on the road to recovery," working hard to get well and reschedule the tour dates she had postponed at the time. It wasn't an immediate recovery, as a month later, she shared that she could finally "dance just a little bit." Now, despite being back on tour, it appears as though the pop legend is still working to get her full strength back.

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