Madonna Shared Rare Photos With All Of Her Six Children, And I Was Pleasantly Surprised

If you stumbled upon Madonna's social media recently, you may have come across some gems.

Like that time she appeared to come out as gay with a pair of pink panties on TikTok:

Or when she was g'd up and showed off her grillz with the solid-blue tooth:

Or that time Miss Madonna was swagged out and eating quesadillas in the bathtub:

But now the Queen of Pop is sharing something even better.

A rare photo with all six of her children!

Madonna holding a wine glass

She shared a series of family photos over the Thanksgiving holdiay with the caption, "What I'm thankful for…………"

Instagram: @madonna

Here's Madonna with her kids: Lourdes "Lola" Leon, 26; Rocco Ritchie, 22; David Banda, 17; Chifundo "Mercy" James, 16; and twin daughters Stella and Estere, 10. Wow! They're all grown up:

Madonna with her children

The gothic-pop sense of style runs in the family, and they look great!

Instagram: @madonna

Here are her eldest children, Lola and Rocco, with their baby sister Estere:

Close-up of the three

Here's her second-oldest son and daughter, David and Mercy, with Stella:

Close-up of the three

And here's Madonna with her eldest kid, Lola, again:

The two embracing

Lola is now a successful fashion model, having worked for Rihanna's Savage X Fenty line, Marc Jacobs, Burberry, and Swarovski.

Instagram: @madonna

Here she is with her son David and one of the twins, Estere:

The three standing together

Seriously, I'm wearing all three of these outfits to my conservative family Thanksgiving next year.

Instagram: @madonna

Here are the twins, Stella and Estere, serving us Wednesday Addams looks in their stylish outfits behind the turntables:

The two at the turntables

Are they about to drop an album with drum and bass remixes of all their mom's greatest hits? I'm sold.

Instagram: @madonna

And here's Lola helping her little sister drop the bass line:

The two at the turntables

Sibling love is to die for.

Instagram: @madonna

And Mommy dearest serving us fashionable face and nothing less, hunty:

Madonna with one of the twins at the turntables

Strike a pose.

Instagram: @madonna

Madonna's family looks like a lot of fun. I'm happy for them.