Madonna Is a Sexy Matador In “Living for Love”

Attention pop stars: thank you for being kind throne-warmers, but you can now take a seat. The Queen of Pop — that’d be Madonna, duh — has officially returned to bless the pop universe with her #RebelHeart. On Thursday, in true innovator form, Madge became the first artist to premiere a video on Snapchat for her first single, “Living for Love,” from her forthcoming (and 13th!) album, Rebel Heart. Blink and you’ll miss a snapchat so fortunately we can all now lose our minds over the release in video form. Spoiler alert: There’s a lot to live/faint/die for in the clip directed by Julien Choquart and Camille Hirigoyen (aka J.A.C.K.).

Madonna finds herself actually fighting for her life as the most gorgeous matador we’ve ever seen. (And just like that, we have our Halloween costume. Thanks M!) Let’s take a moment to reflect on those jackets! — the heavenly archival gilded Moschino number and Ulyana Sergeenko’s bespoke red velvet beauty. M finds herself wearing these spectacular creations while twirling, strutting, levitating, and strangling a sea of shirtless dancers (aka the bulls) who rock bejeweled masks complete with Maleficent-ish horns.

This marvelousness is obviously paying homage to M’s iconic 1994 music video for “Take A Bow,” although this time Madonna’s no longer the tearful veiled mistress observing her hunky bull-fighter lover from the sidelines. NOPE. Her fierceness is most apparent when Madonna sheds the jacket for a sexy superwoman blood red bejeweled corseted number, courtesy of The Blonds. She’s (obviously) the last one standing in the Tarantino-meets-Almodovar-tinged fight scene, as rose petals poetically fall a la American Beauty. Oh, and she throws in a dramatic Nietzsche quote to close the clip, because she can. And the crowd roars “YAAAAAAS!!!!” Go on and take many a bow, Madonna. (And you too, B. Akerlund, for the sartorial-slaying styling!)

Catch her doing it all over again at this weekend’s Grammys!  

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