Madisynn From "She-Hulk," Charlie From "Twilight," And 16 More Minor Characters With Serious Main Character Energy

Sometimes main characters are just boring, but you still watch a movie or TV show for the incredible, perfect, stunning side characters who steal the show. Here are some side characters who definitely stole the show:

1.Madisynn King from She-Hulk:


"'Madisynn King. 'Madisynn' is with two 'N's, one 'Y,' but it's not where you think.'

"I want a show with just her. No, wait, I want a show with her doing a watch-along with Wongers!"


2.Short Round from the Indiana Jones movies:

Paramount Pictures

"Now that Ke Huy Quan is acting again, I'd honestly love to see him star in an Indiana Jones spinoff. He should also be an archeologist (since he would've wanted to emulate Indy), having adventures and solving mysteries around the world. Short Round and the Curse of the Golden Cat."


3.Nigel Kipling from The Devil Wears Prada:

20th Century Fox

"His character was so strong, and he had worked so hard to get where he was. Also, his sassiness and humor were amazing. I wish there was a movie about his life growing up in Rhode Island with six brothers, and how he got the job at Runway. His monologue was extraordinary and very eye-opening for Andy."


4.Gary from Veep:


"If you have ever watched any episode of Veep, then you know that Gary steals every single scene he is in. Tony Hale is a national treasure!"


5.Bo from Superstore:


"This is going to be obscure to some, but Bo from Superstore steals every scene he is in. Cheyenne’s rapping boyfriend who makes his own hype sounds is amazing; where is The Bo Show?"


6.Ned Gold from 17 Again:

Warner Bros. Pictures

"He's hilarious and unapologetically just himself. Love him!!"


7.Stiles from Teen Wolf:


"Enough said."


8.Phil from Hey Arnold:


"Phil (Arnold’s grandpa) is the best character for many reasons. For example:

1. He sneaked into a PG-13 movie at age 81.

2. He gave Oscar (who is the biggest pain in the ass) the business every time it was necessary.

3. He spent an entire episode constantly mistaking sinks for toilets.

4. His sarcastic remarks and clapbacks are like no other.

"Phil is the best character in the show, and that’s saying something, considering he has a senile wife who gets in several shenanigans every episode."


9.Charlie from The Twilight Saga:

Summit Entertainment

"Imagine following a cop in a town where vampires and (what were believed to be) werewolves live. He’s probably got stacks of drained-animal reports he suddenly solved in Breaking Dawn."


10.Dr. Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb:


"Dr. Doofenshmirtz is definitely the best. The ear-hair quote is underrated for sure. In that same rant, he said that he hated pelicans, looked at the one he chained up, and said, 'What are you, a bird? Or a garbage disposal?'

"The guy is comedy gold in a lab coat."


"Dr. Doofenshmirtz: 'Big Black Boots Borris,' 'Huge Hands Hanz,' 'Ear hair, I’ve always hated you.'"


11.Samwise Gamgee from The Lord of the Rings:

New Line Cinema

"Frodo is great, but Sam is all I’ve ever aspired to be: kind, brave, patient, loving, smart, and a great gardener."


"Samwise Gamgee is the best character in The Lord of the Rings. I SAID WHAT I SAID! He is the definition of a true hero!"


12.Haymitch Abernathy from the Hunger Games movies:


"I have always wanted a prequel to The Hunger Games about Haymitch’s games. Catching Fire touches on it a little bit, but I really want to see it all played out! I feel like he is a really complex character, and in the Hunger Games movies, we pretty much only get to see him as a sarcastic drunk. I would love to see what he was like before!"


13.Lucius Best (aka Frozone) from The Incredibles:

Disney / Pixar

"I’d watch a whole movie with him arguing with Honey, and seeing the forced superhero retirement from his perspective might be interesting. I'd even watch the first Incredibles movie from his perspective, with him wondering what’s gotten into Bob and possibly being approached by Mirage and Syndrome himself just before the final showdown with the Omnidroid."


14.Cosmo Brown from Singin' in the Rain:


"Don Lockwood was a leading man because he was handsome, but when crap was hitting the fan with the talkies, it was Cosmo who took the wheel. While Don sat back and moaned about being over, Cosmo invented the movie musical, came up with lip dubbing, wrote all of the new songs for The Dancing Cavalier, got promoted to musical director, and still had time to snatch the wig off of Lina Lamont at the end when she tried to take Kathy Selden's credit. Plus, he could run and backflip off of a wall."


15.Astrid Leong-Teo from Crazy Rich Asians:

Warner Bros

"She was so kind and nice, and I was so sad about how little screentime she got. She was definitely the odd one out in the family, given her kindness and how she tried to balance being rich without making her husband feel bad. The whole movie could have been based on her, and I would have been delighted."


16.O-Ren Ishii from the Kill Bill movies:


"This word is thrown around very loosely, but I do think she was a proper badass. Her backstory was harrowing, but it only highlighted her natural strength of character. What she does to Beatrix is terrible, but she was definitely interesting, to say the least."


17.Luis from the Ant-Man movies:


"Every movie should have him narrating the story as a recap."


18.And finally, Finan from The Last Kingdom:


"I can’t get enough of Finan. Super charming and very good looking."


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Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.