Madelaine Petsch Defends Her "Riverdale" Costar Vanessa Morgan Following Divorce News

Carolyn Twersky
Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

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  • Vanessa Morgan announced that she was pregnant with her first child last week.

  • On Monday, news broke that her husband, Michael Kopech, has filed for a divorce.

  • Now, Madelaine Petsch is defending her Riverdale costar from hurtful comments on Instagram.

Do not mess with Vanessa Morgan, because her BFF, Madelaine Petsch, will always stand up for her. On Wednesday, Madelaine took to Instagram to speak out about the mean comments that have been directed at Vanessa since the news of her pregnancy and divorce broke recently.

On Friday, Vanessa revealed that she is pregnant with her first child. In the photos announcing the post, Vanessa's husband and the father of her child, Michael Kopech, was noticeably missing. We later learned Michael filed for a divorce from Vanessa just six months after their wedding.

One fan of the White Sox pitcher wasn't too pleased that Michael was snubbed in the pregnancy post. "Don't disrespect our pitcher like that," they commented.

That's when Madelaine stepped in. "Honestly if I see one more comment like this I'll lose it," she wrote. "Vanessa is a beautiful mother to be and the hate and disrespect I'm seeing on this post about her bringing new life into this world is disgusting."

Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

As of now, Vanessa has not commented on the divorce.

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