I made the most cursed creations in Google’s Emoji Kitchen

 The Emoji Kitchen tool on Google Search
The Emoji Kitchen tool on Google Search

Emoji Kitchen has just hit Google Search, enabling everyone to cook up their own weird and wonderful emoji mashups. With a vast selection of emojis to choose from, users select the two icons they'd like to combine and the tool serves up a custom emoji, and as you can imagine, some of the results are suitably strange.

The tool, which was previously only available to Android users via the Gboard app, is now accessible to iPhone users on mobile browsers and the Google app, so now there's no excuse not to share your most cursed creations (as I have below – you're welcome.) If these odd emojis have inspired you to create your own mashup monsters, check out our guide on how to download Photoshop.

Emojis generated by Emoji Kitchen

I impart this information to you with the warning that making these emoji mashups can be very addictive. With seemingly endless combinations, it's easy to get swept up in creating the biggest monstrosity you can think of. After a few minutes of noodling, my favourite cursed Franken-emojis include the likes of bacteria-monkey, frog-spider and clown-bat, and with the option to randomly generate new creations, the fun (and procrastination) never stops.

Emojis generations from Emoji Kitchen tool on Google Search

The new tool can be found by typing 'emoji kitchen' into Google Search. At the top of the search results will be an option to "get cooking", and from there you can create your own designs. If you come across a combo that really catches your eye, you can click on the result which will add it to your clipboard for easy distribution to your socials.

While the web version isn't as extensive as the original Emoji Kitchen, there's still plenty of time to be wasted curating the most abhorrent creations you can dream up, so get cooking. For more weird emoji creations, check out the TikTokers who imagined the new emoji designs that we desperately need in our lives.