Mad Paris x Hatton Labs’s Luxe Watch Is Dripping in Diamonds

London-based watchmakers Hatton Labs and MAD Paris have teamed up to dream up potentially the most luxe watch ever. The limited edition Royal Oak 37mm timepiece takes inspiration from the medieval fortified gate and features a custom mirror-polished dial and custom, hand-painted hands.

As fierce as it is luxurious, the watch also has a shedload of diamonds – 20 signature white pyramid-cut diamonds on the bracelet and 40 more on the bezel, to be precise – but not as you know them. Usually set in a classic way, here they are flipped upside down to create sharp spikes, thus striking a unique balance between tradition and innovation. But it's not just about toughness and strength. The Portcullis has delicate touches too, the hand-painted green accents that can be seen in the reflection of the mirror face and the sea-foam green signature pyramid-cut sapphire, for instance, that add a dash of color to the otherwise very serious piece.


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Serious too is the price point: clocking in at $158,000 USD. However, it is only being produced in a very limited run and therefore even rarer.

The Portcullis will be available for pre-order exclusively on HBX as of April 19.