Mad Bets: Why are coaches punting on 4th and short?

Watching NFL coaches punt in the 4th quarter has been very frustrating. Minty Bets of Yahoo Sportsbook has to talk about it.

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: Welcome to "The Mint," everyone. A sports-betting show where we're not trying to make you money, we're here to talk about the bets that didn't. Today, we're going to talk about NFL coaches who punt on fourth down and short.

Do you know what the Seahawks, Titans, and Steelers all have in common? They punted on a fourth and short while trailing in the fourth quarter. You know what else they have in common? They all lost and are out of the playoffs, not to mention costing betters money.

Now, my good friend Kelly in Vegas of the "Kelly and Maury Show" has trademarked the term, "kicking is for losers." Which means, teams that settled for a field goal tend to lose. I'm tempted to trademark the term, "what the hell are you doing?" for NFL coaches who decide to punt on fourth and short while trailing in the fourth quarter. I'm not saying I could coach in the NFL, I'm just saying I could do better than some of the coaches in the NFL.

Like on fourth and 1 when I have Russell Wilson, you know what play I'm calling? Not a punt. Or on fourth and 2 when I'm down 4 and have Derrick Henry, also wouldn't be punting. And when it's fourth and 1 and I have a team like the Cleveland Browns on the ropes, I wouldn't be freaking punting.

So if your bets were ruined this weekend by scared coaching, just know, you're not alone. And the next time we see a coach trailing in the fourth quarter and decide to punt, we can all say it together, "what the hell were you thinking?" I'm Minty Bets, and this has been the "The Mint."