Mad Bets: Vegas wins big with Chiefs failing to cover again

Minty Bets is joined by the Director of Trading for MGM Resorts, Jeff Stoneback, to discuss the top winners and losers from NFL Week 16.

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: It's time for winners and losers of week 16. I'm here with Director of Trading for MGM Resorts Jeff Stoneback. Jeff, who were the winners of the house this week?

JEFF STONEBACK: Well, unfortunately for the bettors there were a lot of winners for the house, topped by, once again, the Chiefs failing to cover. That's seven straight times they've done it right now. So I never thought we'd have a bookmaker saying the Chiefs-- a team with a 14 and 1 record has been good for the books. But the Chiefs have for the last seven weeks.

Cowboys beating the Eagles was a big winner. They open as a 1-point dog, closed as a 3-point dog. Packers beating the Titans was big for us. We had somebody with a $200,000 bet on the Titans.

Steelers beating the Colts. We also had a $200,000 bet on the Colts. And the Bengals upsetting the Texans-- another $200,000 bet on the Texans. So those were big winners for the house.

MINTY BETS: Wow. So any winners for the public?

JEFF STONEBACK: Just a couple. We had somebody put up $500,000 and won like $434,000 on the Panthers money line. So they knocked off Washington. So that was a loser for the House. And the other loser for the house was the Bears opened up as a 7 and 1/2-point favorite, closing as a 9-point favorite over the Jaguars. And everybody was all over that. So that was the other loser for the house.

MINTY BETS: All righty. Well, hope you guys were on the right side this week. And if not, there's only next week. Thank you so much, Jeff.


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