Mad Bets: Is there any value on the Nets to win it all?

Jared Quay & Matt Gothard break down the Brooklyn Nets' odds to win the NBA Title with the addition of James Harden.

Video Transcript

MATT GOTHARD: James Harden is a Brooklyn Net, and I am here talking with Jared Quay, our NBA betting guide, about what he thinks about the Nets' odds. And Jared, do you think it's worth right now rushing to the counter and betting the Nets to win at all at plus 300?

JARED QUAY: Please save your money. Do not do that right now. I love the fact that Harden's with the Nets, I think it's a good fit. I mean, honestly, that beard only really works with like a Williamsburg, Brooklyn. But on top of that fact, I think that this team needs to play defense. The East is still competitive, you still got the Celtics there. The Bucks are always going to be a challenge. And now you got Caris LeVert on the Pacers, which I think is a good piece there because they have so many good players. I do think the superstar talent for the Nets is amazing, but I just think it's too much.

Plus, 300's not great odds, and they still have so many roadblocks to get through of getting through the East, then trying to beat the Lakers. And on top of the fact that, yes, they're friends, but when the playoffs come, that's when tensions get high. If you get down 3-1, you got a bunch of guys with egos. That's not where I would like my money to be sitting. But definitely 2022, all in.

MATT GOTHARD: Does this change at all how you would bet on the Nets moving forward on a single-game basis?

JARED QUAY: Bet the over, almost always. Especially during the regular season.

MATT GOTHARD: Yeah, the Alabama Crimson Tide are plus 300 to win the college football title. It's easier to see that happening than maybe the Nets winning the NBA. Jared, thanks so much for coming by, man.

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