Mad Bets: UFC Blaydes vs. Lewis Betting Odds

Matt Gothard is joined by Kevin Iole to preview the UFC bout between Curtis Blaydes vs. Derrick Lewis on Sat. November 28 from the UFC APEX in Las Vegas.

Video Transcript

MATT GOTHARD: UFC Fight Night on Saturday November 28 is happening at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada. I'm here with Kevin Iole to help us with some [INAUDIBLE] action around the main event. We have Curtis Blaydes, minus 315 as the favorite, against Derrick Lewis. Is there any chance for Lewis to pull off the upset in this one?

KEVIN IOLE: Well, you know what, Lewis has looked good in recent fights. You know, he's won four in a row, he's got the big knockout powers coming off a really big, impressive victory so-- over Aleksei Oleinik. So, of course, he has the ability to get the knockout. But when you look at this fight and this matchup, you know, they're both about the same size. And he's wrestling a guy that's kind of like a bear, he just mauls you [? in ?] Curtis Blaydes. And Blaydes is that good wrestler. He's got the same size. He's got the strength. You know, Oleinik was a great grappler but smaller than Derrick Lewis. And so I think Derek could physically overpower him. I don't think that's going to happen against Curtis Blaydes. I like Curtis Blaydes to win this fight.

MATT GOTHARD: Is there a certain round you're looking for this one to end in?

KEVIN IOLE: I think you're going to see this go the five-round distance. You know, I think Blaydes is going to fight a really conservative fight. I don't think he's going to want to get out there and trade with Derrick Lewis. That's the one way he's going to lose the fight, if he gets cocky, gets confident, and he starts throwing hands with Derrick Lewis. At that point, you know, you're playing into his game plan and I think he's in trouble. I think you'll see Curtis say, you know what, I want to use my striking to set up my takedowns. I want to control Derrick on the ground. And I want to keep him up against the fence where he's not going to be able to use his striking. You know, I think a smart bet in this would be picking Blaydes by decision. But I think that would be a really smart bet because I think Curtis Blaydes is going to grind this one out.

MATT GOTHARD: All right, Blaydes by decision, great stuff as always. Thank you so much, Kevin.

KEVIN IOLE: Appreciate it, Matt. Have a good day.

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