Mad Bets: Seahawks Remain Perfect Against The Spread

Minty Bets is joined by the Director of Trading for MGM Resorts, Jeff Stoneback, to discuss the top winners and losers from NFL Week 4. Plus, they break down how Vegas did this weekend for the NBA Finals.

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: Welcome to Winners & Losers, everyone. Minty Bets here, with Director of Trading for MGM Resorts, Jeff Stoneback. Jeff, we've had a very crazy and confusing Week Four. Tell me who the winners were for the house.

JEFF STONEBACK: Well the winners for the house, the big one was the Panthers beating the Cardinals. We had taken a $300,000 bet early in the week on the Cardinals. And last night, somebody came in and put $230,000 on the Cardinals. So Panthers winning that game was good for us. Browns beating the Cowboys, that was a good winner for us. The public was all over the Cowboys in straight bets and parlays. And the Giants covering against the Rams. Everybody was betting, I think it was more of a bet against the Giants, the public. And so that turned out well for us.

MINTY BETS: And, Jeff, who were the biggest winners of the public?

JEFF STONEBACK: Well the big one was the Seahawks. You know, we talked about those large wagers early in the week. We took a half a million dollar bet on the Seahawks, minus the 6.5. So we thought we might get there. But the Seahawks pulled it out at the end. The last about six or seven minutes of the game. So that was a big loser for us. The Bills beating the Raiders. We opened that game 2.5 minus 20. It went all the way up to 3 minus 20. Same thing. The public was all over the Bills in parlay and straight bets. And the game tonight. This has been like a broken record. The Sunday night. The 49ers getting beat by the Eagles. Late money came in on the Eagles tonight. That game was a 9.5 shortly before kickoff. And, about the last 15 minutes, that game went down to 8. So that was not a good game either for us.

MINTY BETS: I feel that. And I know it is football season. But basketball season is just about wrapping up. Do you have any other notable bets or parlays on basketball, or combined of football and basketball?

JEFF STONEBACK: Yeah. Being that, you know, it's football, but we've still got the NBA championship going. So I'm crying again. We lost big tonight on the basketball game. Somebody had $100,000 moneyline on the Heat. So there was a $300,000 winner for him. And we did dodge a bullet. A five-team parlay. The gentleman hit the first four. They were NFL plays. And then he had the Lakers -5 in the first half. So he would've won $600,000 on that parlay. So, I mean, I can't cry too much. But, you know, we did dodge a bullet there.

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