Mad Bets: Saturday NFL Week 15 Preview

Minty Bets is joined by Las Vegas oddsmaker Dave Sharapan to give their picks for the Bills-Broncos and Panthers-Packers games on Saturday.

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: Welcome to "Mad Bets," everyone. We have two NFL games this Saturday for week 15. I'm Minty Bets here with former oddsmaker Dave Sharapan. Dave, let's get started with this Bills-Broncos game. The Bills are laying 6 points in Denver, and the total is set at 49 and 1/2. What's your pick for this game?

DAVE SHARAPAN: I'm surprised that this thing is this high, to be perfectly honest. I mean, the Bills just took care of my Steelers last week and looked great on national TV. I just think it feels a little bit high. We're going on the road in Denver, a hard place to play, laying 6. I would lean towards taking the points here with Denver.



MINTY BETS: Well, I'm very disappointed you said that because I like the Bills here. I mean, against Denver? Denver has one of the worst offenses in the league. They're averaging like two turnovers a game. And I think this Bills team as a whole is just too good.

Now in their last four victories, they've won by 10 or more points. So I like the Bills minus 6, and I'm really sad that you like the Broncos here. Do you think this line will move or shift at all in this game?

DAVE SHARAPAN: I'm getting feelers from people that I know that they're gonna come on Denver, and that doesn't mean it's gonna win.


DAVE SHARAPAN: So, again, we can agree to disagree. We're still OK. And you might want to wait right up until game time. Maybe you get a like a 5 and 1/2. That's all.

MINTY BETS: All right, let's move on to the Saturday night game as the Green Bay Packers host the Carolina Panthers. Now the Packers are 8-point home favorites, and the total is at 51 and 1/2. What's your pick for this game, Dave?

DAVE SHARAPAN: So a lot of people that I talked to really like the dog here. They like the Panthers plus the points. I'm going to go completely against that. I don't know what I'm going to get with the Panthers. They've been a big question mark for me. They lost to that Denver team last week at home, right, laying points.

Now this feels a little bit high. It does. But it has to be high because of the teasers and everything. Green Bay is gonna be on every single teaser and moneyline parlay to go into Sunday, so you have to have that line a little bit higher.

I don't like making a habit of laying 8 and 1/2, but I think I would side with the Packers here. Let me guess, you like the Panthers.

MINTY BETS: I like the Panthers because Teddy--

DAVE SHARAPAN: Tell me why.

MINTY BETS: Teddy Bridgewater. First of all, I love him. This might be a little biased. But he's something like 23 and 7 against the spread as an underdog. And the Panthers under Matt Rhule as an underdog is 7 and 3 against the spread this season. I really like Teddy here.

I know this Packers offense is on fire. Aaron Rodgers is having like an MVP-type season, but I have to side with Teddy and the Panthers here. Yikes.

DAVE SHARAPAN: Hey, it makes for good discussion. That's why there's lines, and that's why you see different people think different things. So this video is a perfect example. We get together and do it. We don't talk before. What's your pick? And we're opposite on both games.

MINTY BETS: And it's a surprise. Well, thank you so much, Dave.


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