Mad Bets: NFL Week 4 Best Bets

Minty Bets, Jared Quay & Matt Gothard give their best bets for Week 4 of the NFL season.

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: It's week four of the NFL everybody, and we're here to give you our best bets. Welcome to Mad Bets where we are 7-1-1 so far, not to brag. Let's start with Jared's best bet, or Mr. Undefeated Jared Quay, as he wants to be called now.

JARED QUAY: Yeah, I'm legally changing my name to, Mr. Undefeated Jared Quay. It's on my license and everything. Because I'm 4-0 on my best bet. So let's risk it all and lose it this week guys, right? I've got a home dog in the Chicago Bears.

I'd like them to win outright against the Colts. They started Nick Foles. I was worried. I said, as soon as they get rid of Trubisky, they got good receivers, they've got a good defense. They're playing at home in the windy field. I just don't think Philip Rivers in his 122 year career is going to go up there and put touchdowns down.

I think they get down. I think Nick Foles shows some magic, and I'm taking a money line, baby. Give me the Bears with the juice.

MINTY BETS: And Matt, what's your best bet this week?

MATT GOTHARD: This week, I'm looking at a team that I can buy low on while selling high on another team. I'm just trying to sound really smart there by saying I'm better against the Carolina Panthers. I'm taking Arizona Cardinals minus 3 and 1/2 against the Panthers.

Carolina beat a pretty bad Chargers team last week. There's no other way to define that Chargers team. And all of a sudden, the Arizona Cardinals are looking bad after a loss against The Lions, which I was all over. I'm taking the Cardinals this week though, minus 3 and 1/2. I'm hoping they win by 10.

MINTY BETS: Love it, love the Cardinals. I like that pick. And my pick is going to be the Seahawks minus 6 and 1/2 against the Dolphins. I just simply don't want to bet against Russell Wilson. He looks like an MVP. He leads the league in passing touchdowns with 14 of them.

And he only has one pick. I think he's going to just sling that ball all over that Miami defense. So give me the Seahawks minus 6 and 1/2.

JARED QUAY: Oh, we're about to go undefeated again. I can feel it y'all.