Mad Bets: NFL Week 16 Best Bets

Minty Bets, Jared Quay & Matt Gothard give their best bets for Week 16 of the NFL season.

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: Welcome to "Mad Bets," everyone. It's week 16 of the NFL, and we're here to give you our best bets for Sunday. I'm here with Matt Gothard and Jared Quay. Jared, let's start with you. What's your best bet for this week?

JARED QUAY: First of all, I'm hot. I feel like-- I'm feeling like Kobe in the fourth quarter on some of them back flying days. I've hit my last two, and Santa Claus has came back. He told me who was going to win this week so I can get some more money.

And he's telling me right now to pick the Bears minus 7 and 1/2 over the Jaguars. The Jaguars got a gift from Santa last week by the Jets winning. Now, they're in the first place to land Trevor Lawrence. And why even risk it?

Why make it close? Why try to win this game? You might mess around and actually win it because we know the Bears aren't the best at pulling it out.

But I think this game-- I think David Montgomery's running well. I think Mitchell Trubisky's playing for a contract extension. And the Jaguars are trying to lose, and they can't stop the run. Which means even when you try to run the clock out, you still might score.

And the Bears do pretty good against the runs. So they'll shut down James Robinson. So I think that they'll win by more than 7 and 1/2. I like that a lot here, all right? Santa Claus coming to pick-- pick it.

MINTY BETS: Matt, what's your pick?

MATT GOTHARD: If Santa's telling Jared to pick the Bears, Jared must be a very bad guy this year because that sounds like some coal waiting to happen. I cannot believe Santa's telling you to bet on the bears. I feel like you're missing the biggest gift of all. It's a holiday season, and we have been presented with somehow plus money on the Steelers taking on the Colts.

I know the Steelers have looked bad the last three weeks. We've all seen it. But you know who also looks bad? Philip Rivers. And we're going to take Philip Rivers who lived in California, and now he's been playing in the dome. And he has to go outside to play in Pittsburgh right now against a mad Steelers team.

The numbers are the thing I'm looking at here. The Colts offense ranks 23rd on third down percentage, and the Steelers defense is third in opponent third down percentage. That's not good numbers for the Colts offense in this game. I like the Steelers. I'm going to grab the money line, but I'll officially give out plus 1 and 1/2.

MINTY BETS: Ooh. OK, yeah. Steelers as underdogs. All right, my pick is going to be the Panthers, Washington Football Team under 44 and 1/2. I know in our group chat I said I would never bet unders again. But Washington is 7, 2, and 1 to the under their last 10 games.

Also, their defense is spot on, allowing only 15.4% points per game from their opponent. And their offense doesn't score a whole ton of points. Carolina likes to keep things close. So I think that this is going to go under.