Mad Bets: NFL Playoff Future Bets

Minty Bets, Jared Quay & Matt Gothard pick their top future bets for the NFL Playoffs.

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: The NFL regular season has sadly come to an end, but playoffs are right around the corner. I'm here with Jared Quay and Matt Gothard, and we're going to share with you guys our NFL future bets. Matt, let's start with you.

MATT GOTHARD: You know, I kind of like the NFC South to win the title at plus 375. They're getting two really solid teams in the Saints and the Bucs. The Bucs actually have a really good draw being the fifth seed playing the Washington Football Team. And if everything else goes as planned and the Bears don't upset the Saints, they're going to be taking on the Green Bay Packers who they beat the living daylights out of, as they say in the Midwest. So I really like the NFC South to have a chance to get into the title game, and it would set you up for some great hedging there. NFC South plus 375.

MINTY BETS: Matt with the Midwest lingo. All right, Jared, what is your favorite future bet?

JARED QUAY: Well, my favorite-- well, if you've been tailing me for this whole season you made some good money. And f you haven't, you're like, damn, I should have been tailing that guy. And I'm here to help you out, all right? If you're going to tie your money up for this amount of time, let's make some money on it. Let's not just go with the easy ones.

So I'm taking a risky here, but I like it, all right? I'm taking the AFC North to take on the NFC North in the championship for plus 900, all right? We've got three AFC North teams, which gives us good odds, and you've got two teams coming off byes. I feel like the Chiefs are the solid favorite, but they didn't play their starters in week 17. They have a bye week, and then they've got to take on a team that's been hot. Hopefully it's the Ravens and they beat them, and I just think the Packers are going to take the NFC.

So let's make plus 900 money, man. Let's make the money.

MINTY BETS: All right. I half agree with you as mine is also a Super Bowl match-up, but it's going to be between the Packers and the Chiefs. Now, I know it's kind of a square bet because they're both the number-one seeds, but this is the most realistic and even match-up that I can think of. This is a classic veteran versus rookie quarterback match-up that everyone loves to see. Both Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers are playing just unbelievably, and they're surrounded by very structured offenses as well.

I don't see anyone knocking off the Chiefs in the AFC. Sorry, Jared. And I do agree with you that the Packers are the best team in the NFC. So the Packers-Chiefs match-up for plus 525 has lots of value here.

MATT GOTHARD: Even as a fan, that's the best possible Super Bowl match-up. Give us Mahomes versus Rodgers.

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