Mad Bets: NCAAF Week 6 Betting Odds

Minty Bets, Jared Quay and Matt Gothard give their best bets for Week 6 of the 2020 college football season.

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: Welcome to Mad Bets, everyone. It's week six of college football and we're here to give you our favorite bets on the board. Minty Bets here with Matt Gothard and Jared Quay. Let's start with Matt. What's your favorite bet on the board, Matt?

MATT GOTHARD: All right. Well I had to pick the sexiest game to watch this weekend. Army vs the Citadel. Going under 50 and 1/2. Both these teams run pretty similar offenses, so both the defenses have a step up here knowing how to defend it. They both love to run options, so I think they're going to drain the clock.

Now the one thing that sticks out to me here is that Army is averaging 36 points per game, and the Citadel is giving up an average of 37. So let's say Army gets their 36. Well army is only allowing three points per game for teams that throw over 250 passing yards a game. The Citadel, they're only averaging 65.

So let's say they get three, Army gets there 37. That's 40. We got 10 points to work with if something random happens. I like under 50 and 1/2 in this one.


JARED QUAY: I like that pick, Gothard. But I'm not as good at algebra as you. You were just pushing numbers around.

MINTY BETS: All right, Jared. Then what's your pick?

JARED QUAY: My pick? I'm going with blow outs, guys. Keep in mind, I did lose last week by 1/2 a point. Miss you 1/2 point. But, this week I'm back because I'm picking BYU at home minus 33 and 1/2. And I still think they cover against UTSA.

BYU is amazing. They're playing like a team that wants to be in the college football playoffs. Problem is, they don't have a conference. So they need to blow every team they play. Their coach knows it.

He's dancing midway through the third quarter. The team is having fun. The Quarterback is throwing the ball well. The defense is stopping, they're running the ball. And UTSA just lost a game to UAB. I'd like this one to be a blowout. I'm thinking 40, 45-3?


MATT GOTHARD: I like that bet too, Jared.


JARED QUAY: I'm not as good at math. But you had all the numbers, man. It was like, carry the one, add the two.

MINTY BETS: All righty. And mine is going to be the Mississippi State-Kentucky game. Over 59 and 1/2, it's a little high, but Kentucky has proven that their defense isn't really there yet. And both these teams can put some points on the board.

So I like the over here. I think it's going to be a shootout. Let's hope. Good luck with your bets everyone.

JARED QUAY: I always bet Mike Leach in the over.

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