Mad Bets: NBA Restart Major Wagers

Minty Bets talks with Elisa Richardson of BetMGM about the biggest winners and losers from the NBA restart.

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: It's time for major wagers. I'm Minty Bets here with my good friend Elisa Richardson of BetMGM. Elisa, it was a hectic weekend in sports. So who was the biggest winner for the house and the biggest public winner?

ELISA RICHARDSON: We saw insane amount of activity and handle across all the leagues-- so MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA. Looking at the busy week that was, the biggest win for the house was definitely the Lakers lost to the Raptors.


ELISA RICHARDSON: I think that after seeing the confidence that the Lakers came out with in their first restart game against the Clippers, bettors were definitely confident that LeBron would deliver another win. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. It's a close game.

So BetMGM raked in on that one. The public did come back, though. They had some MGM bettors go heavy on the Rockets taking the Mavs, which made out and making that the biggest win for the public.

MINTY BETS: Nice. OK, so any crazy bets hit this past week?

ELISA RICHARDSON: OK so this is a fun one. We had one lucky better out of New Jersey who placed two different $30 multi-sport parlays down. So it was a $30 wager for both pieces.

MINTY BETS: Oh my God.

ELISA RICHARDSON: One of them paid out just over 27k, and the other paid out 19k


ELISA RICHARDSON: And it was everything across like tennis matches to some MLB stuff to some NBA stuff. It was insane.

MINTY BETS: Crazy. OK, is there anything you see for this upcoming weekend yet? And are there any specials we should know about?

ELISA RICHARDSON: Definitely. We are seeing insane amount of bet activity on PGA Tour in general but PGA championship being a huge one. We are running some great specials on BetMGM-- everything from leader of the first round with Koepka and Thomas both sitting at plus 2,000 and my favorite, Bryson, at 2,500. So tons of specials there, tons of Tiger specials as well, like Tiger to make an eagle at plus 300 or have a bogey free round at plus 500.

MINTY BETS: Awesome. Love it. Thank you so much, Lisi.

ELISA RICHARDSON: Yeah, of course.

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