Mad Bets: Manchester City vs. Liverpool Betting Odds

Minty Bets is looking at Premier League betting odds with Zach Schwartz for this week's Manchester City vs. Liverpool match.

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: I am Minty Bets. And I have Zach Schwartz back this week to give us some of his best picks for English Premier League for Thursday. What do you have for us this week, Zach?

ZACH SCHWARTZ: So the big one I'm circling this week is Sheffield versus Tottenham. That's kind of a really fun game early in the week. That'll be Thursday.

Lots at play for both of these teams, but I'm taking Sheffield. I believe we can get it at a half point. So basically you've just got to win by a goal.

I like them. They need to kind of grind this one out if they want to qualify for Champions League next year. And Tottenham will basically have to throw everything they can at this.

The way Sheffield plays, super defensive-- I wouldn't bet the over on this. It's definitely going to be hopefully a low-scoring affair. And look for Sheffield to grind it out.

MINTY BETS: Awesome. What else you got for us?

ZACH SCHWARTZ: The other game I have circled is-- obviously I'm a fan of the team that just won the league, Liverpool. And I really like the idea of them scoring and city scoring a lot of goals in their game also Thursday. So I'm taking the over there. The over is three.

I think it's going to be this kind of victory procession. Guys aren't really going to want to be that interested in playing defense. Both teams kind of have the season now finished and wrapped up. So look for them to kind of try and fire in a bunch of goals.

MINTY BETS: Awesome, thank you so much, Zach.

ZACH SCHWARTZ: Absolutely.

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