Mad Bets: Manchester City vs Arsenal Betting Odds

Premier League is back in action this week and Minty Bets is looking at betting odds with Zach Schwartz for Manchester City vs Arsenal.

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: Premier League is returning Wednesday, June 17th, and I've got Zach Schwartz here with me to tell us what his favorite picks are for Wednesday. Zach, how are you doing?

ZACH SCHWARTZ: I'm doing good. Excited to have a little bit of soccer back in my life.

MINTY BETS: What do you like for Wednesday?

ZACH SCHWARTZ: Wednesday, I really love Manchester City. I think though they're playing Arsenal, who aren't really a pushover of a team, taking them at one and a half is just intriguing. They're an absolute machine when they're out there and they're healthy. Everyone's coming back. Everyone's fully fit.

And I think Pep Guardiola, the coach of Manchester City, is gonna look kind of to try and close the gap with Liverpool a little bit. There aren't that many games left. But I think he's gonna try and make it competitive and kind of remind people that Manchester City are one of the best teams in the world.

MINTY BETS: Nice. And do you have any prop bets for this game at all?

ZACH SCHWARTZ: Yeah, I really like Sergio Agüero to score. He's, like the rest of the team, an absolute machine. And then one of the kind of intriguing ones is just sprinkle a little bit on Raheem Sterling. He tends to get out to the wings, and that sort of back line can sort of become the weakness for Arsenal. So a bit of speed out there, and you kind of like the odds of Raheem Sterling getting back behind the defense and scoring at least one goal.

MINTY BETS: Beautiful. Guys, that was Premier League for Wednesday the 17th. Thanks so much, Zach.

ZACH SCHWARTZ: Yeah, of course.

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