Mad Bets: Browns were a major winner for Vegas in Week 15

Minty Bets is joined by the Director of Trading for MGM Resorts, Jeff Stoneback, to discuss the top winners and losers from NFL Week 15.

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: It's time for winners and losers of week 15, everyone. I'm here with Director of Trading for MGM Resorts Jeff Stoneback. Jeff, who were the winners of the house this weekend?

JEFF STONEBECK: Well, our biggest winner, believe it or not, was the Browns even though we took a $200,000 bet on the Browns. We had a large parlay or teaser liability on the Giants, and that got knocked out. So that was our biggest winner. We also had three dogs that did well for us. The Cowboys beating the 49ers-- Cowboys opened as a 2 and 1/2 point dog, got bet up to 3 and 1/2. Falcons covering against the Bucks-- that game went from 5 and 1/2 up to 6 and 1/2 at one time before it closed at 6. And Washington covering against the Seahawks was also a winner for the house.

MINTY BETS: Nice. And who were the winners of the public?

JEFF STONEBECK: Well, actually the public-- a couple of our games were teaser losses for the house. And those were the Titans beating the Lions. The Colts the number fell right on the seven, but there was a lot of teaser liability on the Colts. So that was a big loser for us. And then the Cardinals covering against the Eagles was another significant loser for the house.

MINTY BETS: Well, hopefully you guys are on the right side today. And if not, there's always next week. Thank you so much, Jeff.

JEFF STONEBECK: Thank you. See you next week.

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