Mad Bets: Will the Bills cover -7 vs. Patriots?

Minty Bets & Jared Quay give their picks for the Bills-Patriots game on Monday Night.

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: It's "Monday Night Football" between the Patriots and the Bills. The Bills are laying 7 on the road here, and the total is at 45 and 1/2. I'm here with Jared Quay, and we're gonna give you our best bets for this game. Jared, why don't you go first?

JARED QUAY: Oh, this is easy. I don't know if you saw the Patriots' run stop defense the last two weeks, but it has been terrible. I just feel like the Bills are going to have their way here. This is a revenge game. You know, Patriots been picking on them all the time. I think 7's not enough. I think Josh Allen's been playing amazing football. And I just feel like Bill Belichick and these Patriots are ready to pack it in, get a better draft pick, and start again next year, 'cause they haven't looked very good at all.

MINTY BETS: I think that's a little bold. I think Bill Belichick will actually want to finish the season at .500, maybe, and he can do that if he wins this game and next week against the Jets. The Patriots' defense is pretty stout against opposing quarterbacks, allowing an average of an 86.1 passer rating. And they've been playing great at home. So give me the Patriots plus the points here.

JARED QUAY: Woo, Minty, I'm trying to-- I'm trying to save people some money, Minty, but, hey, one of us gonna be right today, Loo. You lose one.

MINTY BETS: Or we could push.

JARED QUAY: Oh, yeah. That was definitely bad for both of us.

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