Mad Bets: Belmont Stakes Betting Odds

Discussing the best bets for this Saturday's Belmont Stakes Triple Crown event.

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: This year, we've got a reworked Triple Crown schedule, starting with Belmont Stakes as the first leg of the campaign. I've got my friend, Monique a.k.a. ParlayQueen, with me to tell us which forces she's going to be looking out for. So I know that they shortened the distance for this race from 12 furlongs to nine furlongs. Does that factor your handicapping at all for this race?

MONIQUE: Absolutely. I mean, a lot of the time you're looking, when you think Belmont Stakes, you think this is the one opportunity for a number one fresh horse. [INAUDIBLE] one thing is someone that maybe sat out of the two earlier Jewels of the Triple Crown and are riding, going longer. So now, you're just kind of looking, and a lot of them are not as well bred or well-suited for that distance.

MINTY BETS: Do you just like ignore the absolute favorite, who's Tiz The Law here? Or does he have a really good shot?

MONIQUE: Definitely, definitely, the one to beat. And I know it sucks when you hear someone that's touting the favorite. But this is someone who definitely looks like a standout. And, obviously, with the scratch of Nadal and Charlatan, it just makes it so much easier for this one.

And also the trick is going to be working out. He's going to be one that's going to be working out a stalking trip. And there is enough speed. And I think that really benefits him for sure.

MINTY BETS: Wow. Amazing. OK, and do you have a long shot horse that you see potential in and maybe are going to sprinkle a little money on?

MONIQUE: Yeah, for sure. Sole Volante is one that I think should offer a really good price, definitely in the double-digit range. He tried his luck on the turf early on. And, obviously, better suited, I'd say, for the dirt.

But he's one that's going to be closing late. And, you know, we touched on earlier about the distance change, he's someone that I think would have thrived going with a longer furlong. If you don't want to play him to win, he's someone that could definitely be rounding out the super five [INAUDIBLE] a nice price.

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