I’m a Very Good Gift-Giver, and These Are the 33 Holiday Presents I’m Buying

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From slippers to LED skincare wands.

<p>solawave / merit / notte jewelry / kindred black / instyle</p>

solawave / merit / notte jewelry / kindred black / instyle

If giving good gifts is an art, then I am Pablo Picasso. And that’s not me tooting my own horn; I’ve heard this from dozens of my gift receivers over the years. The real testament to my gift, I think, is that people who receive something from me subsequently come to me for advice on what to give. So, I present you with 33 of the best gifts I can think of, ranging from $20 puffy slippers to $169 LED skincare wands — and so many of them are on sale post-Cyber Monday.

My gift-giving principle is that presents should fall into one or more of the following categories: Things they want but can’t justify buying for themselves, practical things that will improve their life, trendy items, things they have but always need more of, and luxe or kitschy versions of everyday products.

Shop My Top 5 Gifts:

Solawave 4-in-1 Radiant Renewal Skincare Wand



I’ll start with the best deal of all my gift recommendations: the Solawave 4-in-1 Skincare Wand. I know a $169 product may not seem like a steal at first, but let me explain: For the entire month of November (not just Cyber week), everything on the Solawave site is buy-one-get-one-free. You can get two Solawave Skincare Wands for the price of one. Whether you want to gift them to two recipients or keep one for yourself is up to you, but note that this is potentially the best deal I’ve seen on any beauty product all year.

This wand harnesses the science-backed power of red light therapy and microcurrents to stimulate collagen production, thereby reducing wrinkles, toning facial muscles to tighten and firm skin, minimizing puffiness, and prepping your skin to better absorb skincare products. The wand has 700+ five-star reviews and a celebrity fan base that includes Jennifer Coolidge, Nicole Kidman, and Sydney Sweeney.

Santa Maria Novella Melograno Scented Terracotta Room Diffuser

<p>Saks Fifth Avenue</p>

Saks Fifth Avenue

I could write a thesis about Santa Maria Novella fragrances, but I’ll keep it relatively short: The brand was founded 800 years ago by a group of monks in Florence, and the brand still operates out of the very same monastery and church today. Despite being around since the plague, this is an in-the-know brand that specializes in perfumes and colognes, but the terracotta pomegranate room diffuser is my personal favorite product.

It looks like decor but the terracotta is actually soaked in fragrance which slowly disperses over time. I have seen such glee and surprise on people’s faces when they receive this and even get follow-ups from people asking “where did you get this?” years later. When the fragrance is completely gone from the pomegranate, you can still keep it around as a sculpture.

Shop Gifts Under $50

Fur Bath Drops



I’m that person who spends the entirety of winter in their tub, and as such, I have tested more bubbles, salts, and bath products than most people know exist. My favorite is Fur’s Bath Drops that look like the bath beads of my childhood, except they’re better both for you and the environment. The casing is made of environmentally friendly seaweed that’s good for the skin thanks to a combination of oils that soften, nourish, and hydrate your skin. The smell is divine, but I also love that it undoes the drying effects of my frequent baths. It’s an affordable yet indulgent gift.

Chanel Baume Essentiel Multi-Use Glow Stick



There are TikTok trending products that appear out of nowhere and disappear just as fast. That is unsurprisingly not the case with Chanel’s Baume Essentiel Multi-Use Glow Stick. The heritage brand makes products outside of the hype cycle and they therefore have a timelessness and longevity that is difficult to replicate.

People will be as thrilled now as they would have been a few months ago to receive Chanel’s all-purpose highlighter stick. It’s natural and seamless with skin and it adds a healthy dewyness to wherever you apply it. You won’t get large flakes of glitter or overwhelming shimmer; it’s more like a ring light in a stick.

Shop Gifts Over $50

Glo Skin Beauty Radiant Spa Day Kit



I was introduced to Glo Skin Beauty’s DIY facial kits during the early stages of COVID-19. With spas and salons closed, I was left to my own (skincare) devices, which was going very poorly until I got one of these kits that were created to replicate the efficacy of professional treatments at home. The brand has extensive 10-plus piece kits, but I’m a fan of the three-piece Glo Skin Beauty Radiant Spa Day Kit. It includes an application spatula, Hydra-Bright Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant, and Hydra-Bright AHA Glow Mask and costs 33 percent less than if you were to buy the individual items.

I like chemical peels, but I am usually too lazy (er – busy) to make room for another extracurricular appointment, so I rely on this, and when I don’t use it at least once a week, my skin becomes noticeably dull, bumpy, and congested. In 10 minutes, it makes my skin brighter, refreshed, and more even in tone and texture. I’ll be giving this to many of the people who tell me they wish they could get a facial or peel but can’t afford it or don’t have the time.

Bandolier Emma Crossbody Phone Case and Wallet



There are two types of people in the world: People who have a Bandolier case and people who could benefit from a phone case that has a crossbody strap and small wallet. InStyle editors and celebrities like Martha Stewart, Blake Lively, and Eva Longoria are in the former camp. And anyone in the latter group will be beyond thankful to receive a Bandolier Phone Case. My older sister, for example, is constantly running around with her two-year-old daughter and asking, “Where did I put my phone?” She’s definitely getting one of these and so is the friend who puts her phone in her bra strap for safekeeping.

Kindred Black Savannah Viper Lip Oil

<p>Kindred Black</p>

Kindred Black

Merit The Weekday Set



Golden Botticelli Tarot Card Deck



Glossier Balm Dotcom Trio



Notte Baby Adoro Earrings

<p>Notte Jewelry</p>

Notte Jewelry

Mosser Glass Bathing Beauty Dish



UO Lily Puffy Slipper

<p>Urban Outfitters</p>

Urban Outfitters

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