Måneskin’s Censored Wardrobe Malfunction At VMAs Has Fans Freaking

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Måneskin’s Censored Wardrobe Malfunction At VMAs Has Fans Freaking
  • The rock band Måneskin won a whole slew of awards at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards, but they also experienced a rather unexpected issue during their live performance.

  • After bassist Victoria De Angelis' top fell down and exposed her chest, the cameras panned away from the performance for a good chunk of the song.

  • Fans had a whole lot to say on the subject, and they weren't very happy.

There were a bunch of memorable performances at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards, but viewers were left confused and definitely a little pissed off when cameras cut away from rock band Måneskin’s “Supermodel” performance for a solid 40 seconds.

If you weren’t paying close attention to what happened onstage before this cut-away, it’s understandable to be confused. But, if you were cued in, then you'll know that bassist Victoria De Angelis became a living, breathing example of the phrase, “the show must go on.”

Here’s the deal: Måneskin started performing and, just a few seconds into things, cameras cut away to empty seats for a looong time. Later, it became clear that Victoria’s top appeared to have fallen off mid-song, leaving her breast exposed. (Her other nipple was covered with a silver pastie.)

Victoria kept on playing, because she’s a professional, and it would have been tricky to cover herself at that point. But the cameras quickly cut away.

Meanwhile, singer Damiano David was rocking ass-less chaps and no shirt the entire time, so there was kind of a double standard going on there. And fans were quick to point it out.

Viewers were more than a little peeved, and expressed their frustration as they always do, via Twitter and other social platforms. From comparing this situation to other risqué performances, to questioning why Damiano could be basically naked on stage while Victoria couldn't, these people were all over it.

Plus, the band had apparently pulled out of a UK festival to play at the VMAs, per NME.

Just a few examples of the reactions:

Some thought it was actually just botched camerawork before it became clear what had happened:

And one more for good measure:

While Måneskin fans were ticked, the band still walked away from the big event with three awards—Best Alternative Video, Best New Artist, and Best Group—so, they generally made out just fine, despite the whole censoring situation.

And the group seemed pretty happy after the performance, anyways. Måneksin tweeted out their thanks to MTV and the VMAs, calling the event "one of the funniest nights of our lives."

This is hardly the first free the nipple censorship issue, and it certainly won't be the last. Congrats on all your awards, Måneskin!

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