Lynda Carter Is Giving Hugh Jackman A Run For His Money With This A+ Trolling Of Ryan Reynolds

 Ryan Reynolds and Lynda Carter
Ryan Reynolds and Lynda Carter

There are few celebrity-related sagas more entertaining than the ongoing faux feud between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds. The X-Men stars have humorously been at each other’s throats for years, and they don’t seem to be slowing down. Of course, what’s especially funny are the rare occasions when outsiders get involved in the back-and-forth (like Reynolds’ mom). Just recently, Wonder Woman icon Lynda Carter got in on the fun by trolling Reynolds. And if I’m being honest, one could make the argument that she’s giving Jackman a run for his money with her social media commentary.

Lynda Carter Aimed A Sharp (And Friendly) Zinger At Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds made headlines in a big way this past week due to his latest business move, which was a biggie. The actor and entrepreneur sold the bulk of his Mint Mobile telecommunications brand to T-Mobile for more than a billion dollars. Many were in awe of the deal, while others seemed a bit surprised by the hefty sum that the Deadpool actor was able to fetch for his company. Lynda Carter was among those to take to Twitter to react to the major development. When doing so, she retweeted Reynolds’ initial announcement and dropped a cheeky superhero-related jab:

Congrats, @VancityReynolds. Now you can finally quit your day job and let the real superheroes do the work.

I think the Canadian actor may need a dab of lotion for that keen burn. Of course, there’s nothing but good feelings amongst the stars, but you have to love that Lynda Carter was able to land that jab. That wit has been on display across the interwebs multiple times throughout the years. Whether Carter is chopping up with fans or clapping back at haters, she rarely ever misses a cue to drop a one-liner. All in all, the Wolverine actor may want to take note but, interestingly enough, it seems that he may be looking to put their “battle” on ice (at least for a little while).

Hugh Jackman’s Latest Reference To Ryan Reynolds Involves A Coloring Book

In a very interesting turn of events, Hugh Jackman seemed to call for a mea culpa of sorts when it comes to his long-running feud with the Adam Project star. The star shared a photo to Instagram, in which he himself is holding a well-completed coloring book that has his foe on the cover. Don’t believe me? Then check out the post for yourself:

That burning heart emoji gives the impression that the Greatest Showman star is indeed looking for peace. This may be due to the fact that the stars will be getting down to business on the set of Deadpool 3 in a few months and don’t want their hijinks to get out of hand. But honestly, the chances of those two not taking playful shots at each other at some point during the shoot sounds unbelievable. The Proposal alum has already poked fun at Hugh Jackman’s fitness journey and posted a snarky comment when his co-star dropped a photo with director Shawn Levy. For his part, Jackman trolled his colleague (again) using a collage of sorts while making a few other jokes at his expense.

All signs point to the playful feud continuing as the two stars reunite to reprise their roles as the Merc with a Mouth and the Wolverine. Though if I were the former majority Mint Mobile owner, I’d watch my back for additional shots from Lynda Carter now that she’s seemingly joined the fray.

Check out Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds on the big screen together when Deadpool 3 opens in theaters on November 8, 2024. To prepare, you can rewatch the various X-Men movies using a Disney+ subscription.