Luxx, Salina & Loosey RuVeal Their Fave Moments From 'Drag Race' S15

​Bring back our girls!

The latest season of RuPaul's Drag Race earned an astonishing nine Emmy nominations!

With so many incredible moments forever etched into our memory, three standout queens caught up with Out on some of the most sickening reveals, runways, challenges, and lip syncs that fans will never forget.

From Luxx's iconic monologue to Anetra and Marcia Marcia Marcia's mind-blowing "Boss B*tch" battle, the following highlights are still leaving Loosey LaDuca, Luxx Noir London, and Salina EsTitties gagged to this day.

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But is it fashion?

Some of the lewks served on the runway from season 15 will certainly go down in herstory.

With themes including Metallica, Beautiful Nightmare, Tie-Dye to Die For, Puffa Please, and so many more, the outfits did not disappoint.

"My favorite runway to be a part of was probably the Beautiful Nightmare runway. I love horror and to be able to bring something like a drag Jason look that I made myself on to the runway felt so cool and full circle," Loosey says.

"I really enjoyed my Beautiful Nightmare runway. It's something a lot of people doubted. If we're going to talk some of the best things that were made on Drag Race, we cannot leave out my House of Visage runway look, because that look truly was one of the best that was ever created on Drag Race," London adds.

"I loved my comforter reveal poncho backpack skirt moment. I thought I was really giving honey! The runway concepts and themes were so diverse and different, so we were able to show ourselves in different categories. The Puffa Please gave me my entire life," EsTitties says.


Where do we begin?

From Anetra walking that duck to Sasha Colby's unbelievable finale performance to the catchy song "GODDESS," the performances and talent shown on this season of Drag Race is one for the books.

"I was so proud of Sasha. Her finale performance was so quintessential Sasha Colby. I felt so lucky to be in the room to watch her," Loosey says.

"In the talent show, I loved Anetra. I remember shaking when I was watching her. It was wild to see that. I gagged," London adds.

Anetra's talent show wasn't the only viral moment from the first episode. Loosey LaDuca's performance of her hit song "Let Loose" filled our eardrums the entire first half of 2023.

"It was skyrocketing and it has not stopped since," Loosey says. "Everywhere I go, people just say 'Let Loose!' Before 'Padam Padam,' it was 'Let Loose.'"

With many anti-LGBTQ+ bills being passed across the United States, the cast's performance of Wigloose: The Rusical also came at the perfect time in the fight to protect drag.

"Wigloose was so iconic. With everything going on in the world, it was weird that we shot that and a year later, we're dealing with it in real life. Everyone did so good in the Rusical. I think it's the best Rusical ever," EsTitties says.

"I feel incredibly proud to have been a part of the Rusical that we were able to do. We have to continue this fight that we thought was over, but it's going to happen a lot longer and that's okay because we're never going away," Loosey concludes.

All the Shade

The library was certainly open all season.

Shade was thrown all across the werkroom the second the queens entered the competition, but a few hilarious reads are still making fans giggle today.

Loosey LaDuca came prepared for the iconic reading challenge during episode five of season 15, with the Connecticut queen snatching the win.

"I might make fun of some people, but it's all from a place of love. From the first day, I had a journal and I was writing reads. There was a ton that was cut out. I had some other scathing reads," Loosey says.

One of the other legendary shady moments was Luxx Noir London's monologue when RuPaul asked her who should be eliminated from the competition. Cue the sound effects!

In her monologue, London praised her competitors for their signature drag styles before she gave her reasons as to why Loosey LaDuca should be eliminated.

"I thought they would put more! It went on for a lot longer. If I'm going to be real, I thought they'd put in the whole thing or they would completely cut it and just have me saying the last part. They put most of it in and I gagged," London says.

"People think that I'm super bent out of shape about that. That was incredible TV! There was a bit more [cut out]. It was a long monologue. Her monologue was longer than each of our talent shows. When Luxx comes back inevitably for All Stars, her talent show should just be her dragging every other contestant," Loosey adds.

"I had a feeling it was going to go downhill in that moment. That was iconic. Loosey vs. Luxx and Mistress [Isabelle Brooks] was so juicy the entire season," EsTitties says.

Lip Syncs

We have to save the best for last.

It wouldn't be an iconic season of Drag Race without an epic lip sync. For season 15, there were quite a few battles that fans will be watching over and over for years to come.

The most-viewed lip sync battle on Drag Race's YouTube channel from season 15 is Anetra vs. Marcia Marcia Marcia as they lip synched to Doja Cat's "Boss B*tch."

Even Michelle Visage said this battle is her favorite lip sync of all time and we can understand why. Both queens pulled out all the stops to give a performance that is solidified as one of the best.

"I definitely think Anetra vs. Marcia was the lip sync of the season," London says.

"When Anetra leapt over Marcia Marcia Marcia, the entire set went crazy. At the end of that lip sync, the entirety of the cast crew leapt up and applauded," Loosey adds.

"Baby, free Willy! Like c'mon! You can't get more iconic than that moment. Marcia doing The Exorcist upside down and then there goes Anetra, baby. Anetra ate every single lip sync every single time. I can watch Anetra walk for hours. She's so c*nty," EsTitties says.