'Luxury' apartment building allegedly responds to TikToker who filmed bats living in elevators: 'This should be illegal'

One content creator is so fed up with the poor conditions of his “luxury” apartment building that he’s taken to TikTok to see if everyone else agrees.

Donald “Donny” Skipper (@donaldskipper1), who lives in upstate New York, has built a sizable following on social media by sharing relatable and humorous stories from his everyday life. But it’s his recent series on overpriced apartments and terrible landlords that has captured the most attention.

In one video, which now has more than 2 million views, Skipper takes viewers on a behind-the-scenes tour of his own luxury apartment building, The Lofts at Harmony Mills in Cohoes, New York.

But once he begins, Skipper intentionally puts “luxury apartment” in air quotes because — well, you’ll see.

First, the TikToker shows off a messy basement area cluttered with mountains of cardboard boxes and other random debris. Then, he shows the front entrance while explaining that the door key sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t, which always keeps things interesting.

Clearly, Skipper isn’t living in the lap of luxury here, but the real cherry on top comes when he gets into one of the elevators that actually works and reveals something small, dark and hairy by his feet: a bat.

And if that’s not enough to give you the heebie-jeebies, how about this: Apparently, this isn’t the only bat that’s entered the building before. Skipper says that bats are frequent visitors in the building and even shows one zooming through one of the residential hallways in another clip.

In the comments, TikTokers were shocked by what they saw.

“This should be illegal,” one person wrote.

“Wow I’m livid for you,” said another.

Naturally, most comments were reserved for the bat, who really did take a lot of people by surprise.


Several others pointed out that any of the tenants could easily get rabies if they were bitten and that this should be a real concern the landlords need to address ASAP.

Many other commenters said that the trend of calling high-priced condos or apartments “luxury” has gotten way out of hand — and this example proves it perfectly.

“[These are] built everywhere in the USA,” one person pointed out. “I guarantee they will be falling apart even more in less than 10 years.”

“I used to live in an apartment like this!” someone else shared. “The elevator broke the day we were moving out from the 5th floor.”

“One of my friends lives in a ‘luxury’ apartment and it’s the biggest joke ever,” another added. “It’s dated and just looks normal, not luxury at all.”

One person who chimed in said they once lived in this very same building and had similar experiences.

“Lived in this hell hole,” one TikToker claimed. “At one point the roof leaked for over 6 months and they kept a bucket in the 4th floor hallway. Mold issues galore.”

Some commenters did try to put a humorous spin on all the obvious downsides.

“Beatiful water feature, community based fitness plan, indoor elements of nature,” one person joked.

In a follow-up video, Skipper shared some additional close-ups of various spots around the building that really did not live up to the “luxury” title.

But after just a few days of watching his videos go viral, Skipper returned home to find a red envelope tucked in his door, which he knew could only mean one thing: He was being evicted.

“My corporate landlord’s KICKING ME OUT!” Skipper claimed in a follow-up post after a new video showed him opening up the letter and reading its contents.

“what holy potato sauce,” he wrote in the video text. “you’re telling me they won’t renew my lease just because I made some TikTok saying there’s some things that gotta be fixed in this place”? Skipper asked, completely dumbfounded.

In yet another follow-up video, Skipper said he has since obtained legal counsel, who advised him to stop making TikToks about the apartment issues. That said, due to tenants’ rights, he is covered under his insurance and may even have a case against his landlord — but only time will tell.

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