Lululemon's New Tights Cost $298

Charles Manning

From Cosmopolitan

Photo credit: Lululemon
Photo credit: Lululemon

Today, Lululemon debuted their first capsule collection for their new Lab concept shops in New York and Vancouver. The collection is called "Reflective Splatter" and includes a tank, a sports bra, tights, and hot shorts, which range in price from $68 for the tank to $298 for the leggings and will be available at Lab shops and online at, according to WWD.

$298 for a pair of Lululemon leggings might seem like a lot of money - it’s about 2.5 times as much as Lululemon leggings usually cost - but the technique used to create the new print is apparently very high-tech and ~experimental~, according to Lululemon’s director of future textiles Pascale Gueracague.

Also, higher than normal prices are kind of the whole point of the Lab concept stores to begin with. Lab shops are meant to carry merchandise tailored to the specific customer base where the shop is located. The one Lab shop in New York is located in NoHo, where the average rental cost of a one-bedroom apartment is $3,600. When you’re paying that much in rent, $298 for a pair of leggings is nothing.

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