Luke Zocchi, Chris Hemsworth's Trainer, Shares His Simple Dumbbell Workout

Edward Cooper
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From Men's Health

Want to work out like a Hollywood heavyweight Chris Hemsworth? Here's your opportunity. In our latest 'No Gym, No Problem' series, Australian personal trainer Luke Zocchi shared his go-to dumbbell workout.

Dubbed 'Centr 6', it compromises of six rounds made of six exercises and six reps. Put simply, it's a devilish session that's perfect for a quick at-home blast or if you prefer low-kit workouts.

"Me and Chris [Hemsworth] actually came up with it [Centr 6], Chris started playing around with six exercises and six reps and we actually found it really enjoyable as it was a different way to train," explains Zocchi. "I was going round to Chris' house for group training sessions....and it snowballed from there."

In Zocchi's workout, you'll be combining upper-body and lower-body moves to get the most out the short session. You'll find the video above and the workout details below.

6 Rounds

  • 6 Deadlifts

  • 6 Glute bridge to chest press

  • 6 Reverse lunge to hammer curls

  • 6 burpees

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