Luke Combs Teaches Ed Sheeran How to Shotgun a Beer in New Video

Ed Sheeran is a quick learner.

The 32-year-old "Thinking Out Loud" singer took to his Instagram to share a video of country singer, Luke Combs, 33, teaching him the American way of drinking a beer–by shotgunning it as fast as you can.

The two appeared to be hanging out in a backyard as the sun was setting behind them. "By the way, for context, Luke is... What is it? Shooting?" Sheeran asked the country singer, to which Combs replied, "Shotgunning."

"Luke is teaching me how to shotgun a beer," the British singer said, correcting himself.

Combs then gave the pop star pointers on how to do it correctly, stating, "You want to be mindful of where your top is. Once you're up, then you crack the top and it's just gonna go."

The two then popped open their beers together and chugged them as fast as they could before Combs threw his can to the ground followed by Sheeran shortly after. "That was really impressive," Sheeran said of Combs, who finished his beer a few seconds faster.

"Learning how to shotgun a beer with @lukecombs," Sheeran simply captioned the photo.

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Fans were impressed with Sheeran's first-ever shotgun and found it hard to believe that it was his first time partaking in the beer-drinking activity.

"Whhhaaaattt it is very hard to believe Ed has never shotgunned a beer 😂 I would think he was the shotgun champion at all the pubs 😂," one fan wrote.

"Not bad for a first timer 🤝," another fan commented.

Combs also chimed in, writing, "Cheers, mate! 🍻 (Did I do that right? Haha.)"

Combs and Sheeran recently performed together at the 58th Academy of Country Music Awards. The country artist took to the stage first, singing his hit, "Love You Anyway." Sheeran then appeared on stage as the two performed an acoustic version of his song "Life Goes On," off his new album Subtract.

The duet version is now available to listen to on Spotify!