Luke Bryan's Wife Caroline Posted the Funniest Instagram of Herself and Fans Can't Stop Watching

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  • Luke Bryan’s wife, Caroline "Lina" Boyer Bryan, shared an Instagram video of herself trying to golf.

  • Fans took to the comments section relating with the hilarious clip.

Luke Bryan’s wife, Caroline “Lina” Boyer Bryan, is at it again.

On Thursday, July 2, the 40-year-old posted an Instagram video of herself trying to play golf. Set to the Sesame Street tune “One of These Things,” the clip shows several people taking their aim and following through with a swing. But at the end, Lina appears to have trouble with her form (over bending her knees and not turning her back foot). The result? A ball that doesn’t seem to get off the ground.

“🎶 One of these things is not like the other...🎶,” she wrote.

The Georgia native was all laughs afterwards and made it a point to add “I Don’t Belong Here” as an Instagram geotag. But her husband of 13 years had something to say about it.

“You always belong boo,” Luke wrote.

The comment amassed hundreds of likes and reactions. “Awe what a sweet Hubby ❤️❤️,” one person wrote. “That’s so cute ❤️,” another added. “Omg I’m’re the most supportive hubby I’ve ever seen,” a different fan said.

Her hilarious video also prompted fans to share their support for Lina in the comments section. Many sympathized with her lack of golfing skills with plenty of “😂” emojis.

“I can’t golf either don’t feel bad 😂,” a follower commented. “Girl same! At least we look cute playing 💁🏻♀️😂!” another wrote. “Hahahaha oh my gosh I get this 🙈😂,” one person added. “😂😂😂 at least you tried! 👏👏👏👏,” another said.

As folks may know, this isn’t the first time Lina has posted a clip laughing at herself. Most recently, she shared an Instagram photo of herself pretending to pick her nose. Everyone couldn’t help but chuckle at her playful pose that only made her even more relatable.

Keep these funny moments coming, Lina!

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