Luke Bryan and Tim Tebow Locked in Hilarious Trophy Showdown Ahead of Florida-Georgia Game

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Luke Bryan and Tim Tebow Locked in Hilarious Trophy Showdown Ahead of Florida-Georgia Game

It started when Bryan became the temporary owner of Tebow’s Heisman.

Luke Bryan has added a new trophy to his extensive collection of awards: the Heisman.

The Georgia-born country singer revealed on Instagram yesterday that he’s the current owner of Florida legend Tim Tebow’s Heisman trophy.

The Heisman is given each year to the most outstanding player in the NCAA football. Tebow took the title as starting quarterback for the Gators in 2007, becoming the first college sophomore to win the trophy.

So how did that piece of NCAA history find its way into Bryan’s home?

Tebow donated six months with the coveted trophy at a charity auction last year, where it was snatched up by none other than Bryan’s wife Caroline.

“Tim Tebow showed up to the Red Bird Games and offered up his Heisman up for auction to donate to the Brett Boyer Foundation,” Bryan explained on Instagram. “And my wife bid and won Tim Tebow's Heisman to be in our home."

Tebow apparently just delivered the trophy—days before tomorrow’s Georgia-Florida game.

So, what’s a diehard Bulldogs fan to do with a Gators trophy right before the longtime rivals face off? Have some serious fun.

"He delivered it last week—the week before the Georgia/Florida game," Bryan revealed. "I feel it was an effort to bring bad mojo into my household."

So, in an effort to combat any bad vibes, Bryan wrapped Tebow’s Heisman in a Georgia hoodie and pledged to spend the next day putting the trophy to good use while serving up some serious smack talk.

“Man this thing comes in handy,” Bryan wrote alongside a video of him and his family using the trophy for all sorts of household things:

A bath towel track, a hat rack, and a dishtowel rack…

A barbell…

A peanut butter dispenser for his pet bulldog….

Who knew a Heisman had so many uses?

Poor Tebow, right? Wrong! It turns out that the former NFL player has some tricks up his sleeves.

Tebow just so happens to be in possession of Bryan's 2015 CMA Entertainer of the Year Award.

"He might curse mine, but I'm going to bless his," Tebow said in an Instagram story while placing an infant-size Gator jersey and a miniature helmet on the award.

Tim Tebow; Luke Bryan/Instagram

Tebow, it seems, was just getting started. He’s since gone on to use the CMA to stir his coffee, to open a bottle of Topo Chico, to prop up a piece of furniture, and most recently, as a paper towel holder.

Talk about a much-needed laugh!

We expect plenty more shenanigans as the big game grows nearer. Make sure you follow both Tebow and Bryan and Instagram to watch the hilarious rivalry play out.