Luke Bryan Just Majorly Pranked His Wife Caroline With Tim Tebow and His Fans Lost It

Luke Bryan Just Majorly Pranked His Wife Caroline With Tim Tebow and His Fans Lost It

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  • Luke Bryan’s wife, Caroline "Lina" Boyer Bryan, recently shared an Instagram video of herself getting pranked.

  • Luke and Tim Tebow played an epic joke on her using the former football star's 2007 Heisman Trophy.

  • Fans were excited to see Luke begin “Pranksmas” this year with Lina.

Luke Bryan just showed his wife, Caroline “Lina” Boyer Bryan, who’s the real champion of pranks in their household.

Last weekend, on December 13, the country music star kicked off “Pranksmas” — a countdown to Christmas marked with a daily prank on an unsuspecting member of the Bryan family. Unfortunately for Lina, her husband of 14 years chose her as the first victim.

First, some context: To support the Brett Boyer Foundation, a charity founded to raise awareness for congenital heart disease (CHD) set up by Lina's brother and sister-in-law, Bo and Ellen Boyer, Lina bid on former football star Tim Tebow's 2007 Heisman Trophy last year and won it. The only caveat? She had to return it after six months.

Knowing all of this, Luke and Tim plotted a major prank together. First, Luke told Lina that the ex-quarterback had shipped over his coveted Heisman and that he himself wanted to come by their home to see it. Not sure where the trophy was, Lina scrambled to find it in her home — and when she did, the award (that is, a fake one Luke and Tim had planted) was covered in broken glass. Of course, this made Lina understandably freak out ... until she figured out that Luke was messing with her.

“Luke convinced me that Tim Tebows’s [sic.] Heisman was trashed and it was pretty much my fault!” she wrote on an Instagram video showing the entire prank scheme. “I think my blood pressure went to an all time high!!”

As it turns out, the best part was that Tim was actually coming over to deliver the real Heisman. When Tim walked into the couple's kitchen, Luke was beyond happy that his prank had worked out.

In the comment section of Lina's Instagram, Luke replied to his wife's post with a hilarious response appropriate for the holiday season. “Pranksmas is finally here,” he wrote. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Enjoy y’all.”

The country star also posted his own Instagram pic of Lina holding the real Heisman Trophy with Tim by her side. “Pranksmas starts today,” he captioned it. “I still reign king of pranks in our house.”

Of course, the couple's fans couldn’t get enough of the entertaining moment. “This one is hard to beat!!!!! 😂,” one person wrote. “😂 Love watching these pranks!!” another added. “This is so good 😂😂 so excited for Pranksmas,” a different fan said. “You got her good. Now Caroline’s payback is coming 😂😂😂,” a follower commented.

We’ll just have to wait and see what Lina has in store for Luke!

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