Lucky Blue Smith: The New It-Model

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Lucky Blue Smith is a 16-year-old Mormon model rockstar taking the world by storm. (Photo: Instagram)

In modeling it’s a rarity for guys to stand out (I mean, how many male models can you actually name?) but 16-year-old Lucky Blue Smith might be changing all that. With 828,000 Instagram followers and almost 100,000 Twitter followers the bleached blonde Mormon model has earned an avid fan base of devoted fans. Fainting girls, eager mobs, and trembling teens are the norm in his world. The header photo on Smith’s Twitter account features a massive crowd of screaming girls who surrounded him in Paris. “I have never, in all my years as an agent, seen a response like this to a male model,” his agent Mimi Yapor at Next Models LA told the New York Post.

Lucky Blue Smith with his model siblings, who are in a band, The Atomics, together. (Photo: Instagram)

Hailing from Utah, modeling is in the Smith family genes. His mother Sheridan is a former model. Smith was discovered when traveling from Utah to LA with sister Starlie, Daisy Clementine, and Pyper America to break into the industry—Next Models ending up signing all four siblings. Smith was later given the advice to bleach his hair. “My agent thought I looked too ‘sweet California boy,’ and they needed something edgy,” Smith told the New York Post. The move paid off, and Smith has since become a fashion world darling. He’s already done campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, and Levis, and he’s taking the runways by storm, too. He walked in 12 shows last month for a variety of big name fashion houses like Tom Ford, Fendi, and Jeremy Scott.

Lucky Blue Smith with his adoring (mostly teenage) fans. (Photo: Instagram)

With his blue eyes, movie star looks, and heartthrob hair, there have been the inevitable comparisons to River Phoenix, James Dean, and Brad Pitt. But unlike those stars, who were probably running away from crazed fans, Smith is courting them. The 6’2” model often lets fans know where he will be and happily poses for pictures with them. Although, with his fanbase on the rise, it may become a harder trick to pull off. To add to his rock star status, Smith is working on actually becoming a rocker. For the past six years he’s been in a band called The Atomics with his model siblings. Smith is the drummer.

He’s got all the makings of a sensation—heartthrob looks, a devoted fan base, the approval of the fashion world, a rocker gig. We can’t wait to see what the next few years brings.


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