Lucas Chianca Just Surfed an Otherworldly Massive Wave at Nazaré (Video)

In the world of big wave surfing, nothing comes close, in terms of stature, to the towering, cartoonish peaks of Praia do Norte in Nazaré, Portugal.

And when it comes to progression in the sport of wrangling aquatic giants, few surfers are on the level of Brazilian big wave charger, Lucas “Chumbo” Chianca.

Case and point, below, and the wave clocking in at “number two” (3:15 minute mark).

This gargantuan wave went down on February 21st, 2024, during the Gigantes de Nazaré event. For a little more on the specialty, made-for-TV event, and the day’s events, here’s a description from YouTube channel Barena Film & Sports:

“A television event where surfers compete for the best performance and the biggest wave of the day. After carefully analyzing all the waves surfed on the date, this is our selection of the top 10 waves.

“Lucas Chumbo stands out as always above the rest of the surfers: proving once again that he is several steps ahead of the rest. Although some may find it hard to say and others to admit, it's a matter of seeing his waves in each swell to realize that this is the plain truth. It was a day of much action in which the swell gradually grew, at times feeling more favored by the tides.

“Beyond these outstanding surfers, all the surfers in the water were able to catch incredible waves. Congratulations also to the pilots who dropped the surfers on these waves and who took care of carrying out great rescues in one of the biggest swells of the season. ‘Gigantes de Nazare’ was a success again and soon you will be able to watch the official competition on television.”

Now, the question is: How does Chumbo’s bomb stack up against other record-breaking, award-winning waves at Nazaré? What about Nic Von Rupp’s 2023 “Biggest Wave” in the inaugural Big Wave Challenge? Or Sebastian Steudtner’s 2020 ride, and current Guinness World Record for “Largest Wave Surfed” at 86 feet?

Time will tell.


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