LSU Football Coach Brian Kelly Helps Release Rehabilitated Bald Eagle

"That's our version of Groundhog Day here in Louisiana.”



There was no opposing team present when LSU football coach Brian Kelly made school history last week.

About a mile away from Tiger Stadium on a levee along the Mississippi River, Kelly became the first football coach to release a bald eagle in the school’s history Friday morning.

The eagle arrived at LSU Vet Med on October 30 with a fractured coracoid bone. After three months of medical care, the eagle made a full recovery and was released back into its natural habitat with help from Kelly.

Cameras rolled as the LSU coach opened the door to a crate and the majestic eagle took flight and landed in a nearby tree.

"That's our version of Groundhog Day here in Louisiana,” Kelly joked. “So that means probably an undefeated season. Undefeated,” he added, noting that the bird flew in the direction of the beloved stadium.

According to USA Today’s LSUWire, the LSU Vet Med Wildlife Hospital of Louisiana takes in more than 1,200 wild mammals, birds, and reptiles every year.

Kelly’s daughter Grace also happens to be a graduate assistant at the LSU Vet School.

“This is what it’s like being involved with a university and a flagship university like LSU,” he said in a statement. “This was fabulous, majestic. Our vet school does an incredible job caring for so many different animals.”

Good work, y’all!

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