'LPBW' Fans Can't Get Over Zach Roloff's Candid Comments About Fatherhood

Amanda Garrity
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From Good Housekeeping

  • During last week's episode of Little People, Big World, Zach Roloff shared his philosophy on fatherhood.

  • Fans found his outlook refreshing, and some took to Instagram to say how much they "loved that moment."

  • His wife Tori even gushed about her husband in a follow-up Instagram post.

Little People, Big World fans can always count on Tori and Zach Roloff to keep it real. But in the most recent episode, titled "Boxing Up the Past," there was one particular moment that fans can't stop talking about.

It all started when Tori asked Zach to watch the kids for the day, so that she could celebrate her friend's birthday at the spa. Zach, of course, told his wife to enjoy the day with her friends and reassured her that he'll handle everything at home. He didn't stop there, though — Zach proceeded to explain to his wife (and viewers at home) why it's important for him to get alone time with his kids, too. "It's not babysitting. You're the dad. Take some responsibility," he said. "Moms bring something special to the table, so do dads."

As he was mentally preparing for the inevitable chaos that comes with taking care of a 2-year-old (Jackson) and a newborn (Lilah), he was reminded of how precious these moments can be. "Embrace those moments when your kids are just looking at you because they are special," he continued.

Shortly after the episode aired, Tori shared an Instagram post, expressing just how much she loves what her husband had to say. "I love this man for all he does for our family and all he is for our family. Love you babe uh. 🧡," she wrote.

Her post quickly garnered an overwhelmingly positive response from LPBW fans, who echoed Tori's praises for Zach:

  • "I shouted 'AMEN!' when he said that 😂 love it and so true! I hate when people say dads are babysitting."

  • "Great line from a great dad."

  • 👏 He brought A LOT of smiles when he said that 👏 "

  • "My husband said 'thank you!' to the TV screen when Zach said that last night."

  • "This was my favorite part of the show in MANY seasons. What a role model!"

Before the new season aired, the couple addressed what it's really like to parent on such a public stage. "We’re obviously not perfect, but we’re doing the parenting thing as best we can,” Zach told Good Housekeeping. “And when you have kids that have a disability or potentially a higher risk of having health problems, you learn how to handle that in an appropriate way, a healthy way."

Still, they find ways to make light of of it all — the good, the stressful, and the messy: "We have bumps in the road, but we’re still going up. We’re still having fun," he continued.

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