I Tried Kroger's Cinnamon Honey Butter To See How It Compares With Texas Roadhouse

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For years it was Olive Garden's breadsticks, Red Lobster's biscuits, and the Cheesecake Factory's brown bread sharing the spotlight. However, in recent years, Texas Roadhouse's rolls and butter have gotten the love they deserve as a top-tier premeal free bread.

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Once upon a time I was blessed to live near a Texas Roadhouse that I could eat at whenever I wanted to, but now I'm in Los Angeles and the nearest location is 47 miles away.

A listing of the Texas Roadhouse locations closest to Los Angeles via Apple Maps

Forty-seven miles in Los Angeles traffic is like 470 miles elsewhere.


However, I recently spotted this while shopping: HONEY AND CINNAMON BUTTER. The brand is Private Selection, which can be found in Kroger stores like Ralph's, Fry's, and Food 4 Less.

A carton of honey and cinnamon butter in the grocery store

Texas Roadhouse's cinnamon honey butter has many copycat recipes online, but I've never seen an option readily available in stores, so I had to give it a test to see how it compares with the real stuff.

Google search results show a number of copycat recipes for Texas Roadhouse's cinnamon honey butter

I'll preface this by saying that I'm biased. I have a borderline romantic love for Texas Roadhouse. I literally keep pictures of their bread and butter from years past in my phone so I can occasionally reminisce. There's no way this butter could ever live up to that, so I lowered my expectations.

A basket of rolls and honey and cinnamon butter from Texas Roadhouse

Here's what this beautiful butter looks like:

Obviously you can't do this process without bread, so I also grabbed these Sister Schubert's brand rolls from the frozen aisle. I've never met Sister Schubert or tried her food, but the bag said, "Ready in 5–10 minutes," so I was sold.

A bag of dinner rolls

To test them out, I ate six rolls and a whole lot of butter (let's call it thorough research). And it turns out...

A piece of bread with melting cinnamon and honey butter

...BREAKING NEWS! This is a satisfying substitute if you want Texas Roadhouse but don't have immediate access to one. Here are my findings:

A plate of rolls next to honey and cinnamon butter

HOW DOES THE BUTTER TASTE? Have you ever seen someone do a really good celebrity impression, nailing mannerisms, cadence, and energy? That's this product — a solid Texas Roadhouse butter impersonator.

HOW IMPORTANT IS THE BREAD? The Texas Roadhouse butter gets a lot of shine, but we really should respect their bread, too, because it's pretty spectacular. No disrespect to Sister Schubert — I appreciate her contributions to this experiment — but Roadhouse is the crème de la crème.

IMPORTANT PRO TIP: Take the butter out of the refrigerator and let it sit at room temperature for a bit so it softens up before eating. That gets it closer to Roadhouse's fluffiness.

OVERALL RATING: It's about an 8/10. It's better than any copycat recipe I've attempted, and it's far more convenient. And now that I think about it, this would also be really good on bagels or pancakes or waffles or...goodbye, I've got to go experiment.