Christopher Meloni and His Wife Sherman Williams's Love Story Is Truly One of a Kind

Christopher Meloni and His Wife Sherman Williams's Love Story Is Truly One of a Kind
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From Good Housekeeping

While Law and Order: Organized Crime actor Christopher Meloni's career has continued to soar over the years, he's always maintained a special relationship with his wife, Doris Sherman Williams (she goes by Sherman), and their two children, Dante and Sophia.

Taking a closer look at Christopher's relationship with his wife and kids, it's easy to see that the 59-year-old actor is successful both at work and at home.

1989: Christopher and Sherman meet on a TV set.

In 1989, Christopher had just started pursing an acting career while juggling several jobs as he worked toward his big break. In the process, he met Sherman, who worked as a production designer at the time. Christopher quickly became enamored with her when she arrived to work one day on a motorcycle.

Although he called the HBO series he was working on at the time “immensely forgettable,” Sherman was the opposite. Her short blonde hair and retro sunglasses caught Christopher's attention immediately. “This I gotta meet,” he told YourTango about his now-wife.

But after introducing himself, he found out that she already had a boyfriend. A few years passed before the two bumped into each other again in Los Angeles and began dating.

July 1995: Christopher and Sherman marry on a beach in Malibu, California.

Years after their first date (which involved three different parties, by the way), Christopher and Sherman tied the knot with a medieval-themed wedding on a Malibu beach. Both reportedly threw back a few tequila shots to celebrate their union before Sherman ran to the airport for a job in Miami.

Christopher acknowledges that their wedding didn’t happen at the most perfect time — he was still trying to find his path in the acting world and she was constantly traveling for work. Still, both shared the dream of one day having a home and children.

May 2001: Sherman gives birth to Sophia.

By the time the new millennium came around, the couple found themselves on opposite coasts focusing on their careers. Nevertheless, Sherman and Christopher pledged to follow one simple rule: to spend no more than three weeks apart. It wasn’t until their first child, Sophia Eva Pietra Meloni, was born on March 23, 2001 that the pair decided to settle down in New York City.

January 2004: Their son Dante is born.

Dante Amadeo Meloni was born on January 2, 2004. Without fail, Christopher posts a sweet throwback photo on Dante’s birthday each year of the two together. “17 years. Love too big, time too fast,” he wrote on Instagram this past January.

Looking back on his relationship with his kids, Christopher made it clear that he's very much involved in both of their lives.

"I think my kids would call me a little crazy," the Law & Order alum told USA Today. "I'm very physical, very affectionate. I'm also very disciplined and focused on education. That's one thing that was instilled in me, one place in life where there's no compromise.”

He added: "I want them to engage in athletics or the arts because those are places they get to express themselves ... I try to encourage that and say, 'Please trust me. Wondrous things will happen on this journey of pain.'"

Today: There's no sign of slowing down.

After playing Elliot Stabler for 12 years, Christopher said goodbye to the drama series in 2011, and has since ventured into different kinds of work, including True Blood, Man of Steel and Happy!. This spring, he's returning to his SVU character and reuniting with longtime costar Mariska Hargitay for NBC's Law and Order: Organized Crime.

As for Sherman, she seems to have rediscovered her love for creating art. In August 2017, she launched her own website, which features her original oil portrait paintings.

Christopher has called himself "his wife’s biggest fan," promoting her beautiful art on his social media and, of course, posting cute photos of himself with his girl. After all, Christopher is proud to let the world know that he and Sherman are two creative minds who still love their motorcycles.

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