'With Love' Season 2 Trailer Is Here & Full of Our Favorite Latines

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Our favorite Latine family is back! The Diazes have officially returned for a second season in the new trailer for With Love season 2.

With Love is one of our favorite romanctic TV shows, following the Diaz siblings — Lily and Jorge — as they try to find love with the help (and sometimes hindrance) of their large Latine family.

The trailer starts with Jorge (out actor Mark Indelicato) kicking Lily (Emeraude Toubia) out of his house, forcing her to move back in with their parents. From there, Lily finds herself entangled in a love triangle when Jorge’s best friend Nick (Desmond Chiam) and her new romance Santiago (Rome Flynn) both declare their love for her.

On Jorge’s side, he’s getting nervous when he meets Henry’s (out actor Vincent Rodriguez III) parents and realizes that the relationship isn’t as perfect as he thought.

The trailer promises plenty of the deliciously sappy romance we want from With Love, along with hilarious family hijinx from the Diazes and tons of sexy fun. And of course, we see Lily and Jorge as they continue to navigate big life changes with their big family.

“Following her whirlwind romance with Santiago, Lily decides to focus all her energy on a personal journey of self-love, by growing her makeup styling business and looking into homeownership,” the season description reads. “But when both Santiago and Nick profess their feelings for her, Lily wrestles with what is best for her future. Meanwhile, Jorge begins to question whether he and Henry are truly compatible. When he meets Henry’s proud Texan parents, he can’t decide whether the relationship is a fairy tale or a nightmare.”

With Love season 2 stars Emaraude Toubia and Mark Indelicato as Lily and Jorge Diaz, along with Rome Flynn, Desmond Chiam, Vincent Rodriguez III, Isis King, Todd Grinnell, Constance Marie, and Benito Martinez. It’s created by Gloria Calderón Kellett.

The six-episode second season will premiere on Prime Video on June 2.