If You Love ‘Queer Eye,’ You’ll Be Obsessed With the New Wedding Show ‘Say I Do’

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

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If you, like me, are looking for any form of television that can distract you from everything going on in the world (and you have the ability and privilege of taking your eyes away from the news for a bit), look no further than Netflix’s new show Say I Do. From the creators of Queer Eye, the series brings three experts into a small town to give deserving couples the weddings they were never able to plan for themselves. It’s an absolute delight.

Each couple featured in the show has a story, and for every one, there’s a reason they were never able to have the wedding of their dreams. That’s what the experts are for. Each episode follows one of those couples on their journey. Here are the top five reasons this show is absolutely worth turning on.

The three hosts are incredibly fun.

Interior designer Jeremiah Brent, fashion designer Thai Nguyen, and chef Gabriele Bertaccini are running the show here, and they are very good at doing that. They have really great chemistry together, and it’ll take only a few minutes into the first episode until you’re like, “Um, can you guys plan MY wedding and also be my best friends?” Here are their Instagrams, for your creeping purposes:

The couples are incredibly deserving.

I only got the chance to watch the first three episodes of this show, but I’m already in love with the couples I’ve watched so far and I literally cannot wait to meet the others through my TV. The first couple survived heartbreaking loss. The second took in the husband’s two nephews unexpectedly and basically became parents overnight. The third was in a nearly impossible financial situation and could never have a wedding. I would kill for these people, seriously!

The hosts put the whole wedding together in a week. A week!!

The whole catch of this show is that the hosts have to plan this wedding and get to know the couple in one week. It’s truly incredible that Jeremiah, Thai, and Gabe can pull this sh*t off in that time. I can hardly bring myself to fold a pile of clean laundry in one week. Considering how much work it takes to plan a wedding, it’s a true feat of logistics. Plus, the weddings are incredible.

It will leave you in a puddle of tears.

You know what? There’s just something nice about seeing two people who truly deserve the world get the wedding they’ve always wanted, being able to tell their friends and family how committed they are to one another. Call me a sap, but it’s true! And I was blown away by the strength of these people. They’ve all been through a lot, and this show is a reminder that love endures. I KNOW. I’M SORRY.

There’s a very natural through line for season 2.

Most people haven’t even watched the first season of Say I Do, but let’s be real, there’s already plenty of material for season 2. Tons of brides and grooms canceled their weddings this year due to coronavirus, so if they’re looking for inspo for another season, they’ve got it.

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