‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’: Melody Holt Talks Life After Divorce With Tiffany

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melody and tiffany from love and marriage huntsville
melody and tiffany from love and marriage huntsville

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Love & Marriage: Huntsville’s Melody Holt is still finding her happiness after finalizing her divorce from Martell Holt. In a new clip from an upcoming episode, Holt talks life after divorce wit her friend Tiffany, a HR and business consultant that she met seven years ago at a women’s business council meeting at the Chamber of Commerce. As they chat about the sale of Holt’s land, they reflect about what it has been like coping with a divorce. Holt found comfort in Tiffany as they bond further as two women who have been stung by divorce.

In a recent interview with Atlanta Black Star, Holt spoke about she and Martell handled their business partnerships now that their marriage is dissolved.

“So actually Martell and I are not in business together anymore,” she said. “We don’t have any joint businesses at all. When we decided to divorce that was another part of it, was us deciding, you know, to dissolve our business partnerships that we had in place, and so I have really been focusing on rebranding myself from the Martell-Melody Holt duo, power couple that produced, and really learning how to rebrand myself now as the single mompreneur.”

The mother-of-four added that even though her marriage didn’t work, she doesn’t have any regrets about welcoming the cameras into her home.

“I would say I don’t have any regrets because whether the cameras had been on or not the outcome would have still been the same of where it is now,” she said. “You know, me continuing to stay in a situation that was no longer beneficial for me mentally, spiritually or anything like that, I wouldn’t have stayed regardless if cameras were there or not. Going into, you know, season 1 of “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” I was under the impression that infidelity was something that we’d experienced in our marriage, but something that we’d overcome. So when a week or two before cameras get there I find out that you still cheating, all those raw emotions is what the audience sees straight out the gate because it was fresh.”

See the clip below.