Love Maison Margiela's Lazy Sunday Morning perfume? These 8 delicate scents bring similar weekend vibes

 Perfumes from Reserve, Maison Margiela and Diptyque for a piece on the Lazy Sunday Morning Perfume/ in a blue, purple and yellow gradient template
Perfumes from Reserve, Maison Margiela and Diptyque for a piece on the Lazy Sunday Morning Perfume/ in a blue, purple and yellow gradient template

Maison Margiela's Replica Lazy Sunday Morning scent is widely regarded as one of the best perfumes around for its niche blend of clean and cozy notes. But if you're already a fan, what are some other equally delicate scents to try?

Our criteria for these alternatives is pretty strict, what with the scent in question being the definition of a 'Quiet Luxury' perfume and all. Lazy Sunday Morning itself boasts a blend of powdery florals and hints of irresistible warmth that is supposed to invoke thoughts of slow, sleepy mornings spent curled up beneath cotton sheets.

Thus, we've gone on a mission to find fragrances that ooze a similar kind of comforting nostalgia—for anyone looking to expand their 'clean' smelling perfume repertoire...

8 scents like the Replica Lazy Sunday Morning perfume

Lazy Sunday Morning is both warm and floral and often described as something of a skin scent. So, we've rounded up all the perfumes that feature either similar perfume notes or give that same, signature second skin-like vibe...

Maison Margiela ’REPLICA’ Lazy Sunday Morning

RRP: $85

Notes: lily of the valley, iris and white musk

Skin Scent

Glossier You

RRP: $68

Notes: pink pepper, iris and abrox

Diptyque Fleur de Peau Eau

RRP: $220 for 2.5 fl oz

Notes: musk, iris, ambrette and pink peppercorn

Reserve Warm Cotton

RRP: $110 for 3.4 fl oz

Notes: bergamot, benzoin and musk

Philosophy Amazing Grace

RRP: $72 for 2 fl oz

Notes: muguet, bergamot, lemon, neroli, orange blossom and musk

Miller Harris Powdered Veil

RRP: $130 for 1.7 fl oz

Notes: pink pepper, rhubarb touch, transparent florals, sandalwood, patchouli and cashmeran

ZARA Monday No Drama Allowed

RRP: $29.90 for 2.54 fl oz

Notes: pink pepper, rose and white musks

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Universalis

RRP: $145 for 1.2 fl oz

Notes: lemon, bergamot, white flower accord and light musks.

Glossier You, for instance, is a great alternative for Lazy Sunday lovers (and cheaper too at just $68) as it features notes of iris and is a famous skin scent—beloved for smelling slightly different on everyone. Equally Diptyque Fleur de Peau, which is a perfume like Glossier You (though slightly more mature) is also a dreamy swap, with its delicate balance of powdery florals—also including Iris.

P.S. If you're hunting for a true signature like Fleur De Peau or You, look for base notes of pink peppercorn and ambrette.

Other options also include perfumes that, like REPLICA's hero scent, are reminiscent of or inspired by cotton sheets, like Reserve's Warm Cotton. For a more luxurious option, the Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Universalis comes to mind, with its blend of white florals and musks.

What does Lazy Sunday Morning smell like?

If you're a newcomer to this TikTok favorite perfume, Lazy Sunday Morning features perfume notes of lily of the valley, iris and white musk. It's supposed to feel almost sheer on the skin, like a veil of cozy aroma that just hugs you softly. It's chic, but not loud and is described by most wearers as smelling distinctly clean.

In fact, one shopper summed it up pretty well when the wrote: "One of my favorite scents ever, so relaxing and nostalgic and dreamy and unisexy—I sleep in it often and I’d wash my clothes in it if I could."

If you're looking to try the famous eau de toilette, or any of our other picks, try spraying your perfume on wet skin or using Vaseline with your perfume, to boost longevity and keep those cozy vibes emanating all day!