If You Love Carbs as Much as We Do, You're Going to Salivate Over These Bread Lamps

India Yaffe

Is there anything better than bread? Honestly, we think not. If you're as big of a carb-lover as we are, you've just got to have these bread lamps . Yes, you read that right. Uncommon Goods is selling lamps in the shape of your favorite gluten-filled goodies, and you can either mount them on the wall or just leave them on a desk or table.

They come in three distinct shapes: baguette, croissant, or dinner roll. We're not going to judge you on your favorite, but if it's not croissant, we'll forgive you. These are also great gag gifts, and they're making us hungry just looking at them. Add a little more warmth to your space with these iconic bread lamps and thank us later.


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