'LIB's Zack And Bliss Share A Big Life Update After The Altar

zack and bliss love is blind season 4 still together
Are 'LIB' S4's Zack And Bliss Still Together?Netflix

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All your reality dating show prayers have been answered because Netflix’s Love Is Blind, the crème de la crème of TV dating shows, dropped its big fourth season this spring. And allow me to the first to say the new episodes, which hit the streamer every Friday, are quite a wild ride. The finale is now on Netflix, so pop the popcorn, and settle in for more LIB shenanigans.

In case you haven't seen the previous three seasons, this reality dating show asks the question, “is love really blind?” To answer this question, 30 singles date each other in "pods" where they're separated by a wall and can't see each other. Like, they literally don't get to see what their date looks like unless they fall in love and decide to get married.

Episode 5 comes with a major twist. After a truly horrific honeymoon in Mexico, one of the couples, Zack Goytowski and Irina Solomanova, decide to call it quits. Then, in a first for the show, Zack goes back to another contestant, Bliss Poureetezadi, and asks her for another shot at love. Even after all of this, he says on Instagram that he still believes in the concept that love can be blind.

So... Did Bliss agree? Did she reject his advances? Did they make it to the altar? WH has the receipts, so let's get into it:

What has happened during season 4 so far?

In the pods, Zack proves himself to be a bit of a lovable oddball, initially telling the women he "meets" that he is A) a stripper named Zack Attack or B) he is homeless, living under a bridge. (The answer is C, he is neither, and actually works as a criminal defense lawyer).

Nevertheless, he is popular among the pod squad and two lovely ladies, Irina and Bliss, begin to vy for his attention and ultimately, his heart.

The love triangle causes some drama. Things reach a boiling point when Bliss bakes Zack cupcakes for his birthday. Irina, meanwhile, does not remember his birthday and asks Bliss to borrow some candles. Bliss then tells Zack that she doesn't have a super high opinion of Irina. Yikes!

And despite the cupcakes and Bliss and Zack's shared love of Lee Ann Womack’s epic song, "I Hope You Dance," Zack ends up choosing Irina as his bride-to-be, saying he picked her because he "knows her heart." Bliss is, understandably, upset.

When they first meet, Irina tells Zack get off to a very rough start, and in Mexico, Irina tells another guy she dated in the pods, Paul, that she thinks he’s sexy and continues to avoid Zack's advances. By the end of the trip, they have an honest moment and call it quits. Irina says she likes Paul, who is engaged to her best friend Micah, and encourages Zack to go back and try things again with Bliss.

Why Bliss gave Zack another chance:

After Mexico, Zack finds Bliss back in Seattle and tells her he knows he messed up and that he should have picked her in the first place. (Duh). The two end up getting engaged, and Zack even meets her family.

Bliss's mom seems to be on Team Zack, but her dad is more skeptical: "All I can say is good luck," he says of their marriage plans. "Let's hope you guys are making the right choice. I mean, [getting engaged after] 20 days is just insanity."

There's definitely some tension after that, with Zack expressing his concerns about their "Romeo and Juliet" situation (i.e. her parents don't like him) to the other cast members, but it seems like they still make it to the wedding.

When fans criticized Zack for his 180 with Bliss on social media, he was quick to respond:

"I think if you watch closely you can see who I loved more. Look at how I was when each relationship ended. Do you see how devastated I was when I ended it with Bliss. I laid on the couch with a pillow over my head crying for hours," he commented in response to a query. "Maybe the truth is I didn't have the courage to see if our love could overcome all obstacles. Maybe I thought there was too much in the real world that would get in the way. Maybe I thought she was a little too good for me."

zack repsonse instagram lovfe is blind
Zack responds to a fan on Instagram.Netflix

They get married.

Despite *all* of that, these two actually make it down the aisle and say "I do" in front of all their friends and family. It's honestly really sweet, and everyone seems to be rooting for these two!

Are Zack and Bliss still together?

Yes! And the couple still seems to be doing well. It appears that second time was certainly the charm for this duo. “I am living on cloud nine,” Zack tells Women's Health. “My life is amazing, so things are great.”

Irina, for her part, never reached out to Paul after filming (she flirted with him in Mexico and told the camera she made a mistake choosing Zack over Paul). All's well that ends well.

Plus, Zack tells WH that once he and Bliss got together, they didn't really talk about the fact he initially chose Irina. "It's water under the bridge," he adds.

Stay tuned for updates as the live reunion drops on April 16 at 8pm EST on Netflix.

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