'Love Is Blind's Chelsea And Kwame Shared *This* Life Update On 'ATA'

love is blind season 4 chelsea kwame still together
Are 'LIB' S4's Chelsea And Kwame Still Together?Netflix

Buckle up, reality TV fans, season 4 of Love Is Blind just dropped a new batches of After the Altar episodes on Netflix. And it’s safe to say that things were heating up in a big way. Viewers learn what their fave season 4 couples are up to now, and if they made it through the trials and tribulations of their first year of marriage.

But before getting into the reason you clicked on this article—let’s review the show’s plot. You know how people say that “love is blind”? Well, the purpose of this show is to quite literally find out whether that’s true. The show takes 30 singles and puts them in “pods” where they date, sight unseen.

And although the premise might sound like a total recipe for disaster, seven marriages have actually come out of the four existing seasons. One of the couples that made their way to the altar this season was Chelsea Griffin and Kwame Appiah. Things definitely start out hot and heavy (well, as hot and heavy as you can be in the pods), but they have a deeper connection underneath it all that makes for a wonderful love story.

Ahead, find out how their journey together went, what happens to them on the show, and where they are today. (And this goes without saying, but *warning*, spoilers are ahead!)

What has happened during season 4 so far?

Chelsea is a 31-year-old speech language pathologist who is hoping for commitment and wants a “charismatic, charming momma’s boy,” according to Netflix. Kwame is a 33-year-old sales development manager and former soccer player who’s had a “tough” time finding compatibility, but who’s in search of a partner who “matches my energy,” per Netflix.

Needless to say, they hit it off after meeting in the pods. But while Chelsea is dead set on Kwame, he has his eyes on some other gals at first. Specifically, 27-year-old Micah, a marketing manager looking for a “smart and career-oriented” man. However, Micah ends up choosing 29-year-old environmental scientist Paul Peden instead.

Chelsea knows what she wants, so she goes right after Kwame. When they meet in the pods, they have ~intense~ sexual energy right off the bat. And that translates to real life too, because they make out a lot when they first meet. The PDA is real, folks.

They get engaged.

Yes, in the pods, they decide to spend forever together without seeing each other’s faces. At least Chelsea knows Kwame’s entire name, so they clearly connect on a deeper level. (Good for them!)

Chelsea and Kwame are all over each other and seem super obsessed in Mexico, which is cute. However, Kwame begins to flirt with some of the other girls during a group pool party, which understandably, doesn't sit too well with his fiancée, Chelsea.

Does he really like Chelsea? Does he not want to be tied down? It’s unclear, but he can’t have his cake and eat it too—that’s for sure.

Once they get back to the "real" world, these two seem to be making it work quite well until Kwame's mom enters the picture. Kwame is super close with his mom, but she does *not* approve of the love experiment, which makes Chelsea nervous that Kwame will back out at the last minute.

They get married.

Despite some family drama, both said yes (very happily) at the altar to a standing ovation from the crowd before sharing a steamy kiss. Cue the wedding bells!

Are they still together?

Yup, they're still married. Oh, plus, Kwame has moved to Seattle, and Chelsea finally met his mom, which was an aspect that caused tension this season. Kwame says that he actually brought Chelsea to visit his family over Thanksgiving, saying “there was some real family time … So they [Chelsea and my mom] had a good first encounter, and we will leave it at that. And it's all about just progressing from there."

In the romance department, things are going well, too. “Marriage is really fun! It’s challenging but really fun and the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done,” Chelsea tells WH just before the ATA premiere. “We’ve been hunkering in and spending a lot of time with family and really prioritizing that, which has been a beautiful blessing and we are definitely looking forward to making more memories with our extended families.”

The one issue they have run into during ATA (which makes Chelsea tear up) is the fact that Kwame has had to sacrifice his love of travel for Chelsea's busy schedule. "In the first year of our relationship, we were trying to figure out how to fit that in—and obviously, it was a big discussion throughout the season as well. Travel is a big lifeline for me. So we’ve gotten to a point where we’ve worked it out, how we can make things happen and how we do that together," he says.

But I can’t say for sure at the moment, so stay tuned and come back for more updates as these two post cute things on social media.

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